Update on my twine game

So, I decided to stop making twine games (for now)
So, yeah that’s it.


Okay. Thanks for the update. I eagerly anticipate your next thread on the subject.


Sorry to hear. Hope to see you back some day.

I said this last time as well but you don’t have to make a new thread every time you want to update people on your game(s). Keep everything relevant to your project in one thread, else you’re just cluttering up the forum with low substance threads that go nowhere.


Right, I have come up for a twine game idea… It’s 2 AM and I can’t share you the details (yet)

I’m glad you didn’t post an entirely new thread with this information. Really. Thank you.
Good luck with your project.


Hello people who probably hates me now!
So, let me give you my idea…
You are traveling to a cave. Your mission is to get samples of this magic mineral or something…
You will have a journal filled with info about the magic (fattening) minerals.
Thats the base idea of my game…
I will ask for suggestions BUT I will consider if I want to add it to the game…

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Shop or nah?
  • Add Shop
  • No Shop

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Shop is used to buy items that will help you on the game…

I really don’t know enough about what you’re making to be able to vote on this.

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Ok people (who probably hates me). I’m going to stop being on this site. I will come back (maybe) but for now, I’m going to stop.

Well, that was fast. Are you ok?

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