Update on werefatty.

I spent a while working on it, but it really isn’t coming together as I would’ve liked to and just last night I was working on it and didn’t save, I’m just tired out and I don’t think I want to finish it. I hope you guys understand. This was my big project and was supposed to be a pretty good game, I’m just out of inspiration or enjoyment. Hope you understand.

Sorry if you were waiting for me to release it, in it’s current state the bones are there but it just isn’t really a game. And again, sorry. I know I’ve probably upset some people, but you can still do it yourself or someone else can work off of the idea and make a much better game.

can you share your files?
just in case someone wants to finish your brain baby

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I think I might but there is still a chance I’ll return to it again, just gonna take a break for a little while, plus I want it to be my image of what the game should be. Maybe I’ll just try and finish it and update it later on.

nice, hopefully your project will be just as you envision it

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Thanks for being so understanding, for a little while I’m just gonna write stories, I’m not that good at actually making them into games, so after I’m done with this game that’s all I’m gonna do. Not really a good programmer.

Funny, your idea sounds kinda similar to the one I posted in the Game Ideas thread, but focusing on a different point of view.

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Really, I don’t think I saw it, sorry for the similarities though.

No need to apologize, I think my idea came after yours anyways.

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Generally with projects that may die in a, lets be honest, not very publicizable area such as fetish games, I would recommend setting a timer about at double the time it would take for you to reflect and go back to it in your opinion, after which you could release the code.

Not making a demand or anything, just dont want stuff to die all the time.

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