Vial of Infinity [A Weight Gain/Inflation RPG]



All this female talk actually makes me think you could just implement a skin-swap, not unlike Shovel Knight’s “body-swap” system, where you can change the sex of a character at any time you please. It would reduce the amount of character’s you’d need to make, and hopefully be simple-ish enough to implement.


An excellent little demo and i hope to see more of it in the future, if it’s possible. The art style, the visual details on the party and enemies, even the character interactions show great potential. Now, i’ll have to agree with the rest of the people here, a “run” button would be nice, also a way to re-map the controls and multiple save slots.

On the female characters/enemies debate i’ll have to agree as well, if it can reach a wider audience by appealing to them, then we all benefit.

I’ve seen your work before through Feed-a-Furry @eggo21 and i know you can deliver a fun game when you put your mind to it.


Are there going to be any additional characters?


nicely done just a small criticism. the teleporter maze was frustrating was there a hint i missed somewhere? and now for a few questions i noticed you had a poison type status ailment any plans to include others? also cubic given the text in game suggesting he didn’t recognize mike was he meant to be a boss or something later on after rembering or is mike not who he thinks he is?


This shows an immense amount of promise. Very few WG/inflation games have anything close to this level of polish, production values, or content. I’m very excited to see where this goes.

If I can bring up one minor criticism, it’s the process of adding party members. Whenever I play a party-based RPG, it’s something of a pet peeve of mine when one or more party members are at a lower level than the others. Even if their power is balanced to compensate, the thought that some party members are weaker than others bugs me.

Furthermore, in this demo, one of the party members is way too easy to miss. In order to add Centari to the party, the player needs to unlock his laboratory by hitting two switches well past where he is. Then, despite no indication that the door is unlocked, the player needs to backtrack through the room. When I first realized the situation, thanks to my aforementioned gripe with level disparity, I restarted the demo in order to flip the switches while beating as few enemies as possible. Then, after recruiting Centari, I painstakingly beat every enemy in the level in order to power him up. I almost did the same thing when Cupric joined the party.

One more thing. I agree with everyone asking to have female characters added to this game. That said, I imagine that there’s no easy way to do so when your game includes OCs that people have presumably commissioned you to include.


that’s my plan I think. at least for most humanoids like the guards and interns be able to have an identical 3-page battle sprite thats female instead, and you would be able to choose male female or both in the options menu.


I am planning on doing a lot of my own characters in the game, letting you customize your party (besides Mike)
So i will be sure to at least have 3 females for sure if ppl want a 3 female party.


Mike is a bit of a villain, so outsiders to the organization (Cupric) would probably shoot him on sight xD I’ll develop more plot stuff as i continue
I will make the teleporter maze easier and have less go straight back to start.


Yes, I’m going to have a good amount of possible party members that you can swap in and out.


I will be attempting to speed up all aspects of gameplay for next major update. I just made a remapping script for another game of mine that I can use for this one =)


sorry for asking this but is there any female character?


perhaps he could have made it so enemies can be respawned so the situation you had with that particular character being underleveled would not happen


So I just replayed the game and noticed that not only does each party member have a stuffed/K.O. sprite, but they all have an overstuffed/over-K.O. sprite as well if they go way over capacity. I hadn’t seen anyone mention it, but I wanted to shout it out and thank you for that feature. Lol


In addition to setting a starting level to characters, i will also be adding in a battle room to customize battles you want to do either for fun or for xp


oh that’s good, atleast it would remedy the problem of characters you get later on being under-leveled due to being unable to replay battles to get them to the same level as the rest


Will there be ways to try to revert to normal size? Like, blowing out air or exercising?


there is a thing to drain your characters of whatever is filling them up


i will try to add more ‘drain stations’ throughout the game in spots for a full heal (kind of like a bed in an RPG)

Same with more items throughout the game for the same purpose


The fullness has to be treated like hp and removed with heals or weight stations. I know it would make more logical sense to just blow out air but it would be hard to make the game difficult enough


One minor suggestion: maybe add a sign or something similar that describes the drain station as such, at least the first one. Now, I’m a meticulous guy when I explore, so it was natural for me to stumble upon the first drain station and figure it out, but someone who doesn’t check any and every detail on the map may not know that they even exist. Especially since their design kinda blends in with the whole “factory/testing facility” background.

So yeah, one little tip for new players would do plenty to save them from some trouble later.