Victim vs Victimizer

Which do you prefer in a WG game, playing as a predator-like character who induces or dominates people into gaining/stuffing or playing as a character who does it to themselves for whatever reason?

I notice that most of the existing games trend towards the latter and that in general, most people enjoy it more when the characters are either brainless and don’t acknowledge what’s going on or enjoy it themselves. Is there an audience for those looking for domination or something darker?

Just consider how much trouble it would be to construct a belivable (and entertaining) story, where you will be encouraging others into whatever fetish you want. It’s hard to create a “lively” NPC and so making them the main focus of the game would be probably an overkill for this small community of programmer hobbyst, who work for free (not to mention people who don’t even touch code, while creating simple, straightforward, fetish games).

Although it would be probably fun…

I’d sort of like a mix of the two

I have also noticed the lack of games with this focus. Personally, I would probably really enjoy a game where you play as a “feeder” at first, but as mentioned by n_dimensions it would be really hard to make a fun and enjoyable game out of it. I would probably get bored after a while.

I prefer to play the feeder, without a shadow of a doubt. Honestly, i would love a game with a wolf like feeder character, or maybe like a feeder slasher character. too many games just have you as the feedee character, would be nice to spice things up.

Personally, my favorite is to play a feedee who is at least initially unwilling or indifferent about their gain.

I like being a feeder

I like the dominant feedee who is assertive and dominant.

You should make a pole

we could try but the ladies (and guys for those who like it) would likely bend it into unuseability

(sorry, I just could not resist the joke)

I would like to play as a dominator.

I like playing a feedee, initially reluctant, but ultimately accepting of their gain.