Virt-A-Mate. Free Character Making Game

Lot of people like making fat characters and while not made for it Virt-A-Mate has it.
It is made mainly for VR users but it also has a desktop mode. Because it was made
For VR you need quite a bulky PC. It is free on patreon but with limited features.

I would like to shine some light on the game because making weight gain scenes is
posible but hard (i tried) and there is so much you can do with the engine.
An example of my favorite model:

I hope you found my post helpful enough.:wink:


Oooh, this certainly shows some promise.

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I look forward to seeing more progress on this game in due time :slight_smile:

I’ve been following this for ages. Some of the scenes are really good and if you pay then you get the Creator version which lets you edit the scenes. Any sort of major editing is seriously tricky (especially in VR Mode), as is writing a scene from scratch, but it’s relatively easy to modify the women in existing scenes to look a lot bigger. There’s also some really cool jiggle effects to enjoy.

Does indeed need a majorly hefty PC though!