VN idea for whoever wants it

So I know nothing of visual novels or rather how to make them. I’m not an artist & I have trouble making stories, but I often have ideas that maybe others can use. I came up with this story description, but I have no real interest in pursuing it alone so I figured I’d throw into the aether & see what (if anything) happens:

You are a high school student who has just moved to a new town & you want to make a good first impression. You decide to get up & out the door early to make certain you’re not late on your first day. Unfortunately, you hopped on the wrong school bus to the wrong school. Worse, this is a school for monsters like zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc.! Fortunately, the principal is nice & willing to help you sort this whole mess out. Unfortunately, before he can, you are selected to receive the blessing of the moon spirit. What does this mean? It means that, come prom night, you are automatically elected prom king! Also, if you fail to fall in love & name your prom queen by then you will suffer the moon spirit’s curse, which entails great humiliation… if you’re a monster that is. The last time a human suffered the moon spirit’s curse, they died… HORRIBLY! With that, you now have no choice but to enroll at the monster high school & fall in love with a monster or suffer a fate most gruesome!

I had thought about expanding this idea, even coming up with some characters such as a bubbly vampire who shows up every time the player bleeds, a loner werewolf who wants to start her own pack, a zombie who has an obsession with human organs (especially brains) & even a Frankenstein monster bully who is the one behind your unfortunate predicament. I hadn’t come up with any ideas for implementing weight gain, inflation, etc. but i hadn’t really fleshed the idea out too much either. It’s not anything particularly groundbreaking or anything & I have no means of realizing it, nor the interest to try & expand it further on my own so I’m throwing this out there for anyone to use. If someone decides to use it, great! I’d love to see what comes of it & maybe even help give some input. If not, we’ll that’s ok. At least the idea is out there.

Thank you for your time & God bless!

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Interesting idea but…

Change this to maybe college, and someone here would be more likely to pick it up. But High School toes the “no characters under 18” rule pretty hard, since most students at a high school are not 18.

Obviously depends on how it’s written but just a big FYI. We tend to avoid using a high school setting or backdrop for that very reason.


Funny, I actually WAS gonna say college, but I thought it might make the story a little over complicated or too unbelievable since I figured most colleges aren’t as organized (not exactly the right word, but I couldn’t think of another) as the more scheduled curriculums of most high schools. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I felt like there are far more high school tropes to draw on & far fewer college tropes. I also felt like most college students drive themselves or take public transportation rather than a school bus, but since this is for whoever wants it I figure that whoever uses it would have the freedom to change any details to their liking.

It could be a european style university, those are more organised like high schools