Vore themed Twin Stick Shooter (Basic Coding Demo)

Hi There I’m new to the forum and dabbling back into Unity and game development. I have some ideas for a vore themed twin stick shooter that I’ll be working on soon. It’s an ambitious project but I hope it pans out and would love some help and support from the community.
Progression Sample
Animated Sprites (Idle, Run, Dash, Devour, Digest)
3 Enemy types (Melee, Ranged, Boss)
Vore Boss Enemies to fill up your gut and recover HP, once your stomachs full you can digest and get max health and projectile upgrades.

Got some basics up and running on unity:
Destop Build

Link to my Eka’s

Sneak Peek on Animations

Run Animation - Level 1 - 0
Run Animation - Level 2 - 0
Run Animation - Level 3 - 0
There’s a lot more saved up for you to play through and experience


Well, color me interested, gonna give it a shot.

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It’s a basic coding demo, but from the movement speed, to the projectiles, you’ve got yerself an interested fella. I eagerly await how this project is going to progress.


Added shadows and improved hit registration, damage also being dealt by enemy but not visible via animations just yet. Health system implemented as well.

  • 3 enemy types made

  • dash mechanic added

  • fullness meter goes up upon getting soul orb

so far, looking pretty promising! keep up the good work, but remember to take breaks!

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Added Menus and an upgrade system to the build

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Added a wave spawning system and game over screens

Devour mechanic added. Pretty fun sucking up hordes of defeated foes.

This is shaping up to be a really fun bullet hell. One thing I’d change is freezing enemy movement and attacks when you’re digesting as they continue shooting and swarming around you, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to take damage once you finish digesting. Other than that though the rest of it great!

I’ve kept an invincibility duration for that to make sure no damage is taken

Added new digestion mechanics and upgrades to the game.
Run and Idle Animations for each weight are also complete but not yet implemented.

Player animations implemented
Will be working on enemy, backgrounds and player portrait next.

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getting stuff done i see! looking really good so far. not sure how far you plan to go, but an idea i had is implementing some sort of overall progression, where your runs earn currency you spend in the main menu for upgrades that are different than the ingame ones, such as vore capacity, digestion speed, dodge length, ect. something that keeps people playing for more than the first time could move this from a coding demo to a full fledged experience

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Maybe in some sort of a sequel. For now I just want to get this to completion with some trailers and ways to help support the project.


all for that! whenever your ready, i am pretty much 100% on board with supporting a project like this

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Added Sounds and animations for ranged and melee enemies.