Vorinomicon 0.2.16 - Twine rpg with vore and weight gain!

Immobile is impossible it seems…

well you cant eat people if you’re immobile

Is there gonna be like a capacity bonus for cow, since you do point out they have multiple stomachs
also a very much wishful idea but taurs would be neat

There will be added capacity for cows and some other species when we get around to adding racial bonuses.

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New small build to fix some bugs and add some quality of life changes:


  • Added XP rewards to a number of skill checks throughout the game involving skills in order to reward players for the skills and builds they have chosen.
  • Nerfed swarm encounter.
  • Revamped some sound effects.


  • Numerous spelling and grammar mistakes have been corrected.
  • Fixed issue with lying to Hannah being available to everyone and not just if you chose the liar perk.
  • Fixed being unable to leave the conversation with Blorbo early.
  • Fixed genitalia issue when in the lab.
  • Fixed Amanda portrait never vanishing.
  • Made the two racoon options more distinct.
  • You can now soothe the racoon’s rage instead of just whaling on it.
  • Fixed streamer having wrong pronouns.
  • Fixed streamer broken links when flirting.
  • Added more places where what you chose as hands becomes more apparent.
  • Football pronouns fixed with you have men as preference.
  • Fixed broken variable when making chemicals.
  • Fixed issue when making chemicals and links were broken.
  • Fixed still present testing text in making chemicals.
  • Fixed text during the Richard/Rachel scene becoming bunched up.
  • Fixed Racoon not healing you upon death.
  • Fixed pizza girl sending you back to day 1 morning.
  • Fixed pizza girl XP farm and lockout glitch.
  • Fixed missing audio files in streamer encounter.
  • Fixed not being able to get pizza girls number.
  • Fixed strange transition when clicking on Kelly’s description.
  • Fixed Kelly appearing in your stomach even if you spared her using lust attacks.
  • Fixed strange looking link when digesting prey at night.
  • Fixed issues when trying to calm down racoon.
  • Fixed issue when leaving lab with Susan.
  • Fixed swarm attack issues.

Also like, the last two jobs are shown unfinished and the only things I could do last I left off playing the game. Also damn the Pizza Lady had hands. Don’t think I did much weight gain due to not voring. Also what is the point of buying food from the market if I can’t eat it or my roommate doesn’t eat it? Cause otherwise I wasted money on that stuff. Nice art for the game btw.

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Ive not checked the new version yet but will we be able to tire out the pizza girl? since she really feels like an enemy you have to tire out to attack

i was stupid and didn’t see the images folder in the download, made a post about it here then went back to check and seen it… whoops

What is this Swarm enemy that’s been talked about in this thread I never ran into it.