Vorinomicon 0.2.21A - Twine rpg with vore and weight gain! Happy Halloween!


After a cataclysmic event almost ended the world not as we know it, a new one emerged from the rubble. One populated by humans, animals given human characteristics, magical horrors and all manner of science experiments gone wrong. You are tasked by a strange woman in your dreams to find a book of great importance but all is not what it seems!

Current build:

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Our Patreon if you’d like to support us or get early access to the next build: The current one features the ability to venture into the ruins. Other benefits include name in the credits, and poll votes: Trashman Tales | Patreon

Happy Halloween everyone it’s time for a new build!

It’s time for another free release of the game! I hope everyone has a great halloween.


Brand new art: Three new Hannah potraits showing off how weight gain will work.

Fishing minigame added

Scenes included:

● Eaten by feral toad you fish up two scenes based on if you give up or struggle(Not all routes finished, currently no finished victory screen!)

Added in some random door encounters in the ruins and ones that progress Issacs
quest. The following rooms have had content added: 1/4/5 and 7 .

Added in Charmaine to the free version

Scenes included
● Breast vored by Charmaine

Finished and added in Rosie
Scenes included

● Eaten alongside Madison.

Fixed some bugs rare softlock bugs:

-Fixed day 1 ending softlock if you ate one prey at the mall event and then went for a walk at night.

-Fixed softlock when eating Bianca and having 15 capacity.

-Fixed issue with softlock on messaging at night.


I like it it’s a very good start


This was amazingly done!


pretty good so far, excited to see what you may have coming up. i’d say keep up the great work!


Will the updates going to be posted here too or they will be on discord server only?

The updates will be posted here as well.

Vore’s not my thing but I loved reading through it anyway lol,great job!

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Interesting start, though I would work on the text formatting and condense some of the stats.
There’s a lot set up going on, but the game’s pretty linear and the RPG stats aren’t all that reflective quite yet. It’s also a bit hard to read with the current font selection.

Will keep an eye on it, love me my Vore RPGs.


Hey thank you so much for the feedback with this, it really helps.

I’ll defiantly look the improvements you suggested, in particular a change of font to one that’s a bit easier to read as I’m using the default currently :sweat_smile:

The game is moving away from a more linear approach as soon as the digsite is finished with a lot more player freedom to choose where they go and a lot more areas where having certain skills will really shine.

Once again thank you!

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Been lurking a while just made an account
It seems the discord invite is invalid, would it be possible for a new one?

are there any male characters with art? the games got the male tag

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We’ve got one if you have your preference set to male, we are going to work on more soon though!


would that be the streamer guy? i noticed with a female preference he still showed up for me as male. i actually didn’t mind it at all, i think next time i play when it updates im doing a no preference, but still, if unintended he does show up.

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The drunk at night can be male as well. The streamer doesn’t actually have their female counterpart done yet due to time constraints but will next time.

Very satisfying with the vore, actually makes it seem worth/earned
would love to see a more non-linear game yea

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New free update out with some new content and a prototype testing of having sounds in the game. Hope you guys enjoy!


Is there anyway to beat the pizza delivery woman?

She’s intended to be a tough fight that requires some level ups but it seems like she might need a nerf, seducing is the easier option though.

i cant wait for more but it seems when i get to the lab thats the end of the game as after i get that guys attention there no more options

i dont seem to get alot of options to do anything do i need to eat less people or am i doing something wrong?