Vvakta IX - demo updated, patreon page opened


When running online (which is the only mode offered with the demo), the save is stored to the browser’s local storage (there isn’t a cleaner way to do this on itch.io afaik), so if your browser is configured to clear that, the save can be lost.

Like I said it’s also very possible I just messed up with the save retrocompatibility, I just tried my best ^^"

That’s pretty much what I do, yes. If it ever matters, before going with JSONB or another binary format, my first optimization would just be to prune all the null values currently in the serialized save, that alone would probably save like 75% of the save size.

Version upgrades are done almost like you said, though I’ve implemented it more like I’d do upgrades for an SQL db. I didn’t take the time to test it as thoroughly as I maybe should have.
It doesn’t really show in the demo version yet, but that version includes a lot of new state variables that are used in the patreon version for system like how much weight Tel has put on, how many food rations you’ve ordered, what time was the last supply delivery,… so just like you said, with new updates following more closely “chapter” boundaries, I expect things to go smoother

Neat! I just hope for all that is good you aren’t writing your own drawing logic. It’s absurd how involved arranging things on a 2D plane can get across different form-factors and resolutions. UI toolkits are a blessing upon us. :pray:

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Well, I did say I was knowingly reinventing the wheel… :sweat_smile:
So far I manage, but yeah I dread the moment I’ll decide to support variable screen sizes and resolution
Obviously wouldn’t do that if this was a professional project or if I didn’t really enjoy coding in Go

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I mean the lame way to handle it is just lock the window size/ratio undertale style but i’d beg you to reconsider and use a library that lets you just define a layout (I’m sure there are go-native options for this, Rust [my beloved] is full of them).

Trying to write your own dynamic UI is just asking for that to turn into 50% of your troubleshooting/bughunting. I 100% understand the urge to build it yourself though, tends to be the only way I can stay interested/teach myself new things.

Idk of any lib like that in Go, but also I haven’t been looking for it. Dynamic UI is very low priority on my todo list rn, but if/when I decide to tackle that issue, I’ll do as you suggest!
Right now, I’m mostly focused on adding content (new expeditions, and new gameplay mechanics for the core loop of the game) and when I want to work on something else then mostly working on the sprite displayer (adding some animations, stuff like that)

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Hi everyone! A new release has been published! Here’s the changelog since last version:

All versions:

  • a new background
  • several fixes and small enhancements regarding sprite display
  • allow to load a save directly from the main menu

Exclusive to the patreon version:

  • a new research system when you talk to Aleneïra
  • a new artifact sales system when you talk to Tel

I hope you’ll enjoy it! The next development cycle is going to be focused on adding a new expedition, whose theme has been chosen by my patrons - the poll isn’t closed yet but most likely it will have to do with reduced metabolism :smile:


Any plans to make it downloadable so people don’t have to use Itchio to play it?

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Patrons already have that! Though I don’t remember why I didn’t do the same for the demo version. I’ll set it up by next week and I’ll let you know about it!

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Took me a bit longer than expected because I had a very busy schedule for the last two weeks, but a new version is out!
Not much has changed for the demo version, but now it’s also available for download as a windows executable - feel free to let me know if some of you still can’t play the game for whatever reason :slightly_smiling_face:

Folks on Patreon will enjoy new dialogues :speech_balloon:, mostly descriptions about Tel’s weight gain, but also a whole new dialogue tree with Meliphia, a character that’s still exclusive to the patreon version.
Some lore about the planet Yendaevi has also been released there a few days ago - hopefully those of you who are into worldbuilding will enjoy it!


Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce I’ve released a new version of the game!

People who subscribe to my patreon page get to enjoy a whole new expedition to a research lab located in cold waters. Another big new feature of this release, which is also included in the demo is the introduction of more expressions for Tel! Hopefully this helps make the game more lively.


I’ve also started to work with the artist Cyork to get more background art, the first ones are only in the patreon version for now but the next ones should be included in the demo version!


Hello folks, I’ve released a new version of the game! This time it’s a smaller update, since I also spent some of my free time to work on the website for EBC’s ongoing wg drive about Dungeon Meshi characters (go take a look if you’re curious!).

The demo version and the paywalled versions feature a redrawn thin Elunore, and the minigames have been reworked so that it’s harder to lose at them when you’re spamming “next dialogue”.

The paywalled version also features a first weight gain stage for Elunore. You didn’t think only Telphedice would get fat, did you?

The links to the demo and to the patreon page can be found in the first post of this topic!