Wanted to say hi

Hello, everyone! I found this forum a few weeks ago, and given that I’m currently making a weight gain-based game in RPG Maker, I feel like I should probably introduce myself before I post it when it’s in a playable state. In case my username doesn’t make it obvious, I’m a lesbian who is super into weight gain and big girls, which I assume is not the majority here (it’s certainly not the majority anywhere else). I live in America and I’m a creative writing student, which is probably why I love the writing aspect of game development so much. Anyway, as I said in the title, I just wanted to say hi so that my game wouldn’t be coming out of nowhere when I post it here.


greetings and welcome to

Welcome to the forums!

Yes, as you suspected, you aren’t in the majority here, but from what I remember of various polls that crop up from time to time, not alone either. This feels like a pretty inclusive place to me. I have to say I’ll be looking forward to seeing your game, as I do enjoy good writing and a different perspective.

Thanks! From what I’ve seen, (and basic logic, of course) I figured there weren’t too many lesbians on here, but that’s not really a big deal. You all seem like super nice people!

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Welcome aboard, I’ll look forward to your game!

Thanks! I’m having fun making it!

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Welcome to the forums, and good luck with your game.

Welcome! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.