Wanting input for a male furry wg character

I have started work on a fairly linear wg story. This will have, at some point, several choice branches and the like. I will be trying to work on both male and female wg within the branches. The female side will already be according toy own desires at first, as that is what I desire. The male side, however, I do not really have any particular designs on. To that end, I am looking to try and incorporate more of the opinions from those who desire to have such influence, and who would be the consumers of such a medium.

For those of you who would like to leave such input for what you would like to see in a text based medium for the content of the character, feel free to list any and every desire, as long as it adheres to a furry character, and doesnt involve scat/diaper, moderate to extreme slob, and gore. I may not include everything offered, but I will try to cater to the ideas offered, as the content will be more for you individuals.


I am curious on why you wish to bother adding in male content if you have no interest in it.
I do believe male content can be lacking here (and in this genre), I also know that the effort required in making games means you need strong motivation for anything that will be implemented.

Well, first of all, i think its good to ask for such details, i sometimes wished more female only wg games here had a male option but i dont feel like forcing devs to do so. So i would say you probably dont have to do it if its not your specialty or dont want to do so. Altough if you do wanna try it out, i think if its text wise, a lot of the details you can give a female character can also be used for a male with just changing pronouns (breasts are probably the biggest change). If a female character gains weight and gets rolls you want to give a squeeze, the same can be for a male character. As for personal preferences, im very vanilla, i enjoy a lot more the realm between regular eating / feeding / force-feeding scenes and add some good body descriptions to present the changes and i will like it a lot. Best of luck with your game.

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While I may not have the investment from the standpoint of ‘this is something I desire myself’, there are a few other points of motivation outside of that. I like to write about things that require me to focus a bit from a different perspective to my own sometimes, I know that theres a want that I feel i can supply, and I also tend to keep my flow a bit when I can bounce around a bit more than a single path. Admittedly, it wont be added to at the same pace as the female content I intend, but with a decent push of morivation, I can knock out about 6000-12000 words in a good sitting, which would lend to aome decent progress. There are soke benefits to myself, even if it isnt my tastes exactly.

To that end, my base concept is currently something between a more generic Canine based fur lad with a wee bit of muscle getting lazy, thinking his pedigree can allow him to remain lean and mean as he overindulges constantly. As he slips further in his gluttony, he begins to neglect his fitness as he begins to soften up. Through out the whole ordeal, he would remain fairly in denial, but have frequent chances at realization as he attempts to do acts he could accomplish before, but fails now.

The other is a little spicier, but is definitely a little bit more niche. You would have a more effeminate male, possibly feline based to play into the catboy stereotype, who is struggling with his perception of his masculinity. He would attempt to prove such masculinity by acting as close to a predator as he could and consuming large amounts of food. As he plumpsnup, however, his softness only makes him seem all rhe more effeminate, but he also likes his new softness more than he wants to admit. Thisbone is a bit funner in concept, and would probably be the more interesting exercise to write about. Then again, thats just my unaltered base judgment.

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This hound only has one thing to ask
For writing items to describe the feeling of the fur and ‘plush’ of the characters in question, unlike most I’m more attracted in regards to physical beauty stuff the texture and feel of things soft and smooth like a blanket but that’s my preference
If this has relationship stuff could include pampering the other if possible mayhaps willing feederism mayhaps? I am admittedly more partial to such things than anything else due tying my happiness to my relation’s own happiness more often than not

I certainly could include that sort of description. I’m at my strongest when I’m describing things anyways (It’s why I prefer text based erotica over images, oddly enough), and so I could certainly lean that direction. As for relationship stuff, I don’t plan on anything too explicit on either side of the spectrum up front, and probably won’t fer sure on the male side if it’s M+M you’re looking for. In terms of having a feeder on the Male side, it could be added, I actually have a bit of a thought training running on the cat(man)boi angle, so unless I get feedback against it, I’ll probably go with that.

This hound must concur long live literature and wordy descriptions! I don’t particularly what sort of relations you plan in story good sir just put my 2 cents in if you do, it could be girl girl, boy girl, boy boy, tomahawk missile and helicopter for all I care, you are the author and what you say goes my friend
May your project turn out well, good sir

The later idea sounds more interesting as I haven’t seen it explored as much. Now both would be really nice too if you’re willing to budget it in.