Weight Date - A RPG maker dating sim

I like this demo game I wait more things.

Hey yall

first of all Merry Christmas as of the time of this post

and second of all I wish to thank all of you that have shown support and interest towards weight date. I had some axiety over this project for a need to finish this wile at uni but I’ve learned that I have to pace myself as the last 3 months have been a little crazy. As such there has been little development towards the game mostly flowcharting the story and going back to the build to fix the oh so many spelling mistakes (this was one of my many concerns as my english is well shit). As such I think the next way forward for the game is to work on a grammer/spelling fix update to start in january and before the end of that month maybe have something new. Maybe have a discord or something to give more motivation and give you guys more insight to where it may go.

Once again I thank each and every one of you for downloading and playing the game. I hope the finish product will satisfy all of you


I played the demo. I love this! Keep working on it!

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Update 26th january 2020

The month is almost over and I havent said anything since before christmas. I apologise as i’ve been busy with other matters and only developing the game in small bursts. I thought about the project long and hard and ofcourse about me not being as acitive here as I should be. Thus I am going to pull a no man sky approch and kinda keep quiet about certine things. this being if I do upload a new file or update the demo it will be the full game. unfortunantly uni starts up again so I will have 3 months to focus on that but after I get a long summer and that is when I get back to implementing all the stuff I need. as for progress the roomba and terra chapters have been done up to 70% but the new text needs proof read.

Why the change from last post? I’m achually not very confident and the peer pressure to get a good game for everyone wanting this is making me a little stressed. that’s why i’m trying to pace myself and just work on it when I can even during Uni. I’m still happy to talk or be asked questions and such but as for when the game will be finished I cannot say


Don’t worry too much. After all, this is a side project, so do what you need to do. I’m pretty sure most of us can sympathize with university being a pain, so don’t be stressed out on our behalf. It’ll be done when it’s done, and we can live with that.


Just played through the demo and this looks great so far. I wish you luck on you’re project in the future!

yeah this game is great cant wait for the next update has high potential dont drop pls

Well, this one must really suck, eh?


Roomba has the big succ

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Weight date update 11/4/2020

Gosh it’s been ages since I last looked at this. i’m thanful for all of you sticking around and I kinda wish I started this project now rather than a year ago (it originally started in feb 2019). anyways this project was more of a excuse to use rpg maker then but now i’m thinking of using Unreal as I am a big fan of it and have been using it for 2 years as of now for college and university work. this would allow me to make my own dating system rather than rpg maker’s system which i don’t enjoy as much. oviously theres some pro’s and cons to this however I do belive this would greatly benefit the project that will be continued as of the start of may. by then I will have decided weither to stick to RPG maker or go to Unreal. See you all at the bakery


im happy to know that

Great news indeed! I’d say use Unreal, it offers a lot more versatility.

do you mean theres an update when u say weight date update 11/4/2020 if so where is link for new update?

How did you download Unreal Engine?

You install it over the Epic Games Launcher.

What does that mean?

Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games, who have a software known as Epic Games Launcher. If you want to make games with Unreal Engine, you need to download the Epic Games Launcher from the Epic Games website to use Epic Games Unreal Engine, which you install in the launcher, which requires an account at Epic Games, so you can use the Epic Games Launcher to install and use Unreal Engine.

Ah! Thank you very much. I’ll get on that.

I see Epic Games went to the Redundancy School for Redundancy as well. I was Kappa Kappa Kappa, myself.


theres no new update link sorry. as I said the next link I would post would either be the final game or something that I would want feedback on