Weight gain visual novel made in Ren'Py.

I wrote a script script and made basic character images for a project I have been working on. The game takes place in a two year junior college with a really good soccer program. Someone takes your position as starter and you have to find a way to get back on the field so you can get scouted and go to a better school. There are currently 5 paths the story can go in and 3 include weight gain.

The project has no background images yet because I am not an artist and can’t make them. If anyone wants to help out with background art or make new character images it would be appreciated.


You file is inaccessible.

I edited the post and added a new link. Hopefully that fixes it.

It still says Error 403 (Forbidden).

The download worked for me when I tried it. I switched the file hosting site. Hopefully that fixes it?

yeah, the download works now.

Good to hear! Thanks for the patience!

Alright, played it a bit and I think it’s pretty nice so far. It’s a bit short and could stand to get more dialogue going, but it’s still good.

Though the only morally correct answers doesn’t get you anything xD

Good job :slight_smile:

Thanks! I get where you are coming from. I was thinking of adding another set of choices in each of the story branches that determines if Ashley figures you out which would change how good of terms you are on with her at the end of the game. I think adding that in will add some more length. The only issue I have with adding too much length is there is a certain point where it gets too long for people to want to complete all the arcs I wrote.

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That’s true. Sometimes short and sweet is just the way to go~

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