Weight Gaming Community Standard Art Assets

Currently, if you aren’t an artist, your only options for making a weight game are writing a text adventure or hoping you have an artist friend.

What I propose we do, pool some money together as a community and commission artist to create art assets that everyone can use. Stuff like RPG Maker template bodies, full body portraits, pictures of food, etc.

Anyone on board with this idea? How much money would you be willing to contribute? Do we know of any artists that would be willing to do such a thing?

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Well, I am working on the art for my game with weight gain elements for RPGMaker. I am getting more confident with my pixel art. I am sure I could help out. I am starting my first character sprite right now and I am already feeling happy with it.

I’m personally working on an inflation-only RPG. You can already see it in the RPG Maker board. However, my sprite-making knowledge is only limited to just editing Nintendo sprites.