Weight is the key to love (WIP)

New Stuff Announcement #3

At the beginning you can choose a bonus feature that you want. Bonus features are additional content you know the stuff that some of y’all may or may not like such as slob, cumflation, vore and, etc. You can only choose one bonus feature per playthrough you can also decide to go with no bonus features and just play a vanilla fat fetish playthrough. You cannot change your preferred bonus feature or add a bonus feature (if you didn’t choose one previously) later on. if you wanna add or change your bonus feature preference you have to start a new game.

(I’m doing it this way for the sake of more replay value)

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Oh and speaking of the stat bars there will be four stat bars for now (I’ll be adding more stat bars later on) and they are intimacy, happiness, self control and, self esteem.

(Wait until the pre alpha 1 is released if you wanna know more about these stat bars)

This game sounds interesting, hopefully development doesn’t get bogged down with too much feature bloating, otherwise there probably won’t be a release any time soon.


I’m scrapping the stat bars function because the engine I’m using doesn’t allow requirement triggers now don’t worry self control for a character can still be lowered (maybe from an activity or something even though it would have to be a permanent effect) it just won’t be a stat bar anymore so there will no longer be any stat bars.

Sounds amazing,I shall wish you the best!

This looks very nice, I like DDLC a lot, and with all those topics you want to cover, it seems like it would be very interesting to try everything out

really like the idea and art looks super good

With the Tuesday js engine it’ll be hard to continue development due to difficult options to run it so which do you prefer me to do with development?

  • Turn it into a text only game (requires little more extra time to prepare the first build
  • Change to a PC visual novel based game engine known as tyrannobuilder (keep in mind of three things: 1 there may or may not be less compatible platforms, 2 will require a normal amount of extra time to prepare the first build and 3, there may be some huge halts on development due to my pc being in a bad condition)

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If the poll decides to turn it into a text only game keep in mind it won’t be completely text meaning you’ll be able to see what shape a girl is in via pictures and there will be a few other ways for pictures to be shown but it’ll be mostly text

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Your description makes tyrannobuilder sound bad for the project. Why would it be a good option for you?

I told you my computer isn’t in good condition my screen is all busted and there could be a risk of lost game files

Meaning possibly my computer could fail on me and I don’t wanna take that risk but that’s up to yall