Weightcraft Chronicles: Genesis - New Twine Game V 0.5 now out

Honestly, it’s wild that you even considered adding a male character just because I suggested it. Not to say that I don’t appreciate it, but I’d fully accepted your response and moved on, lol. Glad to see that you got inspired though; always nice to see more male content in these types of games!

Well when I thought about it kinda made sense. I mean if I’m only making the game to cater specifically to my kinks then what’s the point in even releasing it? I’m not particularly into furry stuff but had planned to include that from the start so why not male stuff (and not just on the player character). Hopefully you’ll like the content when I come back from my break and get it in. I’ve been contemplating adding some more male characters but haven’t decided yet - the cast list just seems to keep growing. I’ve pretty much decided the next full update is just going to shallow and wide - get all the characters in the game for people to meet and gradually flesh them out over time so I can get on with the plot instead of spending all my time writing one character. Yes plot. Believe it or not given what I’ve done so far but I didn’t envisage this purely as a a hookup game and nothing more lol


Evening all - I’m thinking about getting back to work soon and had a few ideas for going forward. To that end I’ve popped a quick poll up on my Patreon to gauge thoughts.

The game is very buggy, I went around trying to fix up some stuff, if you need it I can send you the updated HTML file @Ares42

Unfortunately that does not surprise me. I really need to do a full play test instead of testing new things in isolation. That and try to play it as player instead of a developer. I guess that’s part of why the pros have independent testers.

If you could that would be appreciated. Should be a link in the game for bug reports. Unless that’s bugged lol.

Please update us once you have the bugfixed version, I’m excited to give it a whirl

Oh cool, I’ll send it sometime tomorrow there then. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Glad to hear it.

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Unfortunately, I think I need to take some of my plans back to the drawing board. Specifically sex scenes I was planning to include. I’ve just done a count on what I had planned for Elara - just ONE character - and it was close 200 scenes. Which frankly, is absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, I think I have a way to scale things back to a more reasonable level. I’m not going to cut out what’s already been written and put in the game but I’m going to restrict it going forward to after maxing out the relationship levels with the various characters.