Weighted Dice (v0.6 - Patreon v2) - Updated 10/30/19

New promo trailer for the game (v0.6)


Hi, I’m GLWuffie, a fatfur artist working on a few projects. One of the projects is called Weighted Dice (formerly just “Dice Game” based on the artist JayTee and their Dice Game comics).

The main goal of the game is to roll the dice and based on how much you roll, your character gains that much weight… it’s an interesting setup for a comic (JayTee’s Dice Game 1 & 3) but offers little in gameplay. So I added a boardgame concept with it (JayTee’s Dice Game 2) but instead of events happening (yet) there’s simple bonus spaces that use a colored card system. Right now it’s purely local play, no plans to do online play as of now BUT if you do want to play someone online, you can use a program like Parsec.

Game Flow:
The first character to go from 105 lbs. to 700 lbs. wins.

  • If you have any cards, you may activate/deactivate one if you choose to.
  • Roll the dice.
  • Based on how much you roll you not only go forward that many spaces, but you gain based on what you rolled (unless you land on a Dark Space, which usually prevents you from gaining).
  • If you roll doubles you get a small bonus (which can help negate a Dark Space a bit).
  • If you land on a colored tile:
    • If you lack that color card, you get that card.
    • If you have that color card and it’s ACTIVE, you get a multiplier to your gain based on the color.
    • If you have that color card and it’s NOT ACTIVE:
      • If your opponent doesn’t have that color, they get it as well.
      • If your opponent does have it and it’s ACTIVE: you lose what you roll.
      • If your opponent does have it and it’s NOT ACTIVE: …nothing happens, normal gain.
  • The gain is calculated and the turn ends.
  • If no one has reached 700, the next turn begins with the opposite player.

Planned features:

  • More characters
  • Starting loadout bonuses
  • Multiple/Random board types
  • Events
  • More music tracks/sfx
  • Proper title Screen, character select screen, options and menus.
  • Mouse support (right now it’s pure keyboard, but mouse support is just about done for the main game)
  • Other platform support (mobile / Mac / Linux depending on the requirements and popularity)
  • POSSIBLE Story/Challenge mode?
  • POSSIBLE Twitch integration (this one’s a bit far off, but keeping this one in mind early on which is one of the reasons the characters are represented by Red/Blue teams).

Why only Patreon (early access)?
As stated before I have quite a few projects in the works. I’ve been promising my patreons a few game ideas but some of them had some annoying bugs/a ton more work involved I wasn’t able to deliver a satisfying playable demo. This WILL be released to the public… but patrons will get early access as well as maybe a few other bonuses. I’ve owed a bit to my patrons and this is one of the way I’m making up for it (plus the support and income really help me to dedicate more time to work on it).

$5+ Patron Link (latest - Beta v0.6)
Non-Patron Link (Beta v0.5)

Changelog (10/30/19):

  • Mouse support has been added. The game can now be played entirely by mouse!
  • Changed a few keys that makes more sense.
  • Updated and added music/sounds.
  • Updated and overhauled the UI and graphics for the menus.
  • Adjusted the color scheme for the board.
  • Fixed majority of the gain calculation (still a bug somewhere though).
  • Added the ability to have CPU vs CPU matches.
  • Changed the speeds to be all-around faster.
  • Opponent shrinks to starting size when lost (will be optional later).

Future Plans (for next update):

  • Add 2 more characters: Sinclaire and Olivia.
  • Change the style of the portraits.
  • Change the style of the gaining sprites.
  • Add more game setup options.
  • Add system options (for volumes and such).
  • Add character-specific bonuses.
  • Prepare the option for varied color tile distribution.

Screenshots: (as of Beta v2)

Rebbecca belongs to RJS, permission was obtained to use this character.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please let me know!


-ps Fun Fact: The Rebbecca sprite was originally from another project I was working on for RJS. I used that as a basis for the GL sprite.


Will you be adding other characters?
Would you take submitted characters?

There will be more character for sure. Right now I will be extending the offer to few select people who’ve assisted me with various previous projects. After that I will think of a way to productively add other characters.

One thing I also need to see about is giving idle/reaction animations (which is minimum quadruple to amount of sprites needed)


Oooh, this looks like it could be fun.

very interesting, shame there isn’t a non-patreon version yet

Almost almost ready for the next update! Not only are the mouse controls pretty much done but with it is: Android support! Now you’ll soon be able to have some furs gain weight on the go!

Non-patrons will be getting the previous version (Windows Only) when this releases, so stay tuned!



Nice idea it seems like a card or ability could be faster gain or for the other person maybe a card that makes them lose weight

Question, how many characters would be available in this game? Along with their genders, too. I’m curious if there will be more male characters in these fetish games.

The first goal is to possibly hit a minimum of 10 (possibly up to 20 in the future) characters with the possibility to have more in the future. As far as what genders and who they’ll be, it’ll be based MAINLY on opening commission slots for me to draw their character/sprites into the game. I might give a few spots through contests or something… but I do want to cater to not JUST female weight gain, though it MIGHT be the majority so far.

If it’s 10 characters to start, I’ll try to see if I can get at least 2 male characters minimum.


Oh! So, it’ll be mostly OCs then? I figured there’d be like at least 2 or so generic characters or something.

I could potentially add generic characters specifically for this game… which would make sense if I were to add a story/arcade mode so there might be like a boss character or something as well. I have ideas for how a Story Mode/Arcade Mode would work, where it’s a more quick/limited version of the game with special rules on each stage.