Werefatty 0.5

Uh so here’s the old project I forgot about, I was burnt out and didn’t finish it, there aren’t werefatties in the game yet, i haven’t done that path yet. So its pretty barebones right now. But I promise I’ll work on it guys.
Update: 0.2
What’s new: New path in progress, reworking some of the other paths, and a small, secret path added.
Update: 0.3-0.5
What’s new: Vampire path finished fully, new pathway made, new path in progress.


Well, from the name it sounds cute. Is it like that one episode of Johnny Bravo, with that girl he dated transforming during certain conditions? In this case, someone that suddenly becomes fat under a full moon?


Not sure how the name fits in with the story, but I like this story a lot. I’m excited to see it get “expanded”

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Well not yet, its pretty undeveloped and doesn’t have the actual “werefatties” yet

Yeah I’m gonna work on doing the best i can to make it better

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I read that, I meant eventually. Sounds like a SUPER cute concept though!

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Oh sorry, yeah my idea was pm taking all these different horror story ideas like haunted houses, werewolves, and vampires and give it a fetish twist. When I’m done with my plans for the game and the monsters involved i’d like people to suggest monsters that i could use.

Well here’s one: Wendigo, mayhaps?

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Ooh, writing that one down

Not to nitpick, but if the title is “Werefatty”, then shouldn’t the titular monsters just be were-anthros at night? Not just the traditional werewolves, but others like werepigs, werecats, etc.

Also, is this female weight gain, or male, or both? It’s a bit reminiscent of an old concept I posted in the ideas thread, ence my interest in this.


I mean, anthro stuff really isn’t my thing, I was just thinking of making a spoof of it and just making it humans that gain weight or get ravenous during a full moon. For the gender of the protagonist, I’ve tried to make it gender neutral, if there is any references to gender I am sorry, I’ll change them.


Alright, here’s Werefatty 0.2 Sorry if i’ve been a little slow, it’s kinda hard to come up with all these different plots, I promise I’ll do more work soon. Please enjoy the update.


Still procrastinating, maybe it’ll be out soon :eyes:

BAM, heres another one. And please any recommendations or ideas are encouraged, this can range from monsters to entire concepts of paths.