WG Cafe Game Concept

This is pretty much just a concept I wanted to throw out there since I underestimated how difficult it was to actually make a videogame as a one-person team so :stuck_out_tongue:

Basic Concept

The game itself takes place in a cafe where you’re either a patron or the owner (I haven’t fully decided, most likely the owner) of which whenever a customer orders food, the waitresses must eat that same amount.

Additional Concepts

  • Each waitress has their own personality (as per usual)
  • Affinity, talk to waitress to gain affinity and get CGs after X amount of affinity, pretty straight forward
  • Menu System, where most play-through deviance is, certain menu items have higher calorie count but are more expensive to make, so you can only make a certain amount of them before you start losing money unless the customers tend to really like that item that day
  • Daily News System (?), every day before work hours you can check the daily news and see which foods customers are more likely to buy/tip on, could also host some comedy because who doesn’t like a bit of humor
  • Tip System, the fatter the waitress the more tips they get and the better they work, pretty straight forward as well
  • A fetish menu where you can turn on or off other fetishes (i.e. BE, AE, MG, etc/possibly different girls for different fetishes)
  • An achievement system were you unlock different cafe outfits for doing specific things (i.e. a maid outfit for all waitresses for maxing affinity with any waitress or something along that)
  • A separate fetish menu that drastically changes the character designs (i.e. all waitresses are now- male, furry, or even both/possibly an extension of the achievement system where certain criteria unlock new casts such as Pokémon or Undertale characters as an example)

That’s about everything I currently thought of.
Apologies if it kinda looks/feels like a dump of a bunch of different ideas but I wanted to see what you all thought of these ideas.


Seems quite ambitious. Perhaps scale it down a bit for your sake and take a crack at it! Your first game doesn’t have to be a AAA game; just get your feet wet, so to speak, and see what you can do! I don’t think anyone here is going to bash you for attempting at making a game, and I think with some refinement and scaling back you could make this one yourself. I’m hoping for the best!

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Yeah I kinda figured that when I was attempting to make some sort of alpha build and failing because of my scope.

I most just wanted to see which concepts people would like the best/are more necessary than others, either way thanks for the feedback.

Well this seems like a really cool concept. I gotta ask do you have an artist lined up? Cause I might have a way to help you if you need one.

I do not currently have an artist, but currently I dont think its really necessary as nothing is exactly final yet.

Thanks for the offer though