WG Games Outside DA

There are three WG games I kinda remember that are floating around. The first is called ‘The Lardener’, which is more of a weight loss game, but you can make your character fatter (at the risk of getting a game over in the process). Then there’s Cake Quest, where eating bits of cake makes your character fatter. Lastly, there’s Angry Chubby, which is an Angry Birds parody where you get to fling fat people at offending restaurants, crushing various obstacles and becoming bigger in the process.

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I remember the Lardener. It’s been a long time since I played it, though. Not even sure where to begin looking for it, though Google would likely point a guy in the right direction.

Rather easy to find. This link points to the origin of the game.

The only thing I found with regard to Cake Quest was a Minecraft playthrough someone did on YouTube. Any idea where to find that one, or is it a lost cause?

Try FreeOnlineGames’s website.

Thanks, found it. Damned site rules mean I need to extend this to at least 20 characters.

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