What got you into this feitsh

So I was just wondering how some people have gotten into this community? I’m sorry if I put his into the wrong category as this is my first post I’ve made


I’ve always been enamored with bellies, I can remember being very young and staring at pregnant people, not understanding why i was doing it, also I remember stuffing my shirt with a pillow as far back as I can remember

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I was super into werewolves as a kid. And for some reason, my brain went, “I bet werewolves eat a lot when they transform!”

So I went to Google, looked up something about werewolves eating a lot, and ended up on DeviantArt. And here I am today with both a furry and a fat fetish.

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Close encounter with the kphoria kind

Luckily I learned what the hell anatomy is.

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Might’ve been a Merrie Melodies cartoon or two involving pigs that planted the seed. And maybe some weird “switch-flip” inversion of self-loathing, I dunno. Things get kinda hard to pin down around puberty.

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Interesting one, I hear lots of people have been into it from a kid or as far back as they can remember, I think this is because if you’re around fat people growing up, I guess you’re more likely to see good traits in fat people… I’m guessing?

Even as a kid I remember being into fat girls and stuff, not in a sexual way but I did the pillow under the shirt stuff and I was always interested into sort of the bigger girls in my class - I genuinely think I got into it because my mum was always super conscious about her weight and she’d always watch diet programs, supersize vs super skinny and stuff like that so they’d always be on in the background. She also used to make me be super healthy and was weighing me all the time and stuff so rather than being scarred by weight as in being super self conscious about it, I’m for whatever reason super attracted to it. :thinking:

At some point I then started looking at fat girls on YT, just out of curiosity, I must have been about 8 at this time when we got a computer and then that’s somehow lead me here now…

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I guess nothing really got me into IT, other than my perverted nature :thinking:
I mean, surely I looked at people around me, and later at pictures on the Internet. But by the time I started looking for it, I already knew what I was looking for. Always knew. So yeah, for me it started from the earliest age

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Similar story to the rest of the people here, I always fixated on bellies when I was younger. Seeing pregnant women would grab my attention. I think what made me start liking fat/stuffed/overeating stuff was this one time a girl my age who was my neighbor went to school as a “fat guy” for her costume and wore a pillow under her shirt for halloween, on the bus ride to school she would pretend to be stuffed and walk around all slow, then she actually got stuffed on all the candy they were handing out and was groaning on the bus ride back home, we still went trick or treating later that evening and and she kept snacking on candy the entire time, by the end of the day she didn’t need a pillow anymore for a convincing “fat costume”, I remember hanging around her a lot that night and obsessing over it :eyes:
I really don’t know what started it though, goes back as far as I can remember.


I have been fat a good chunk of my life. When I was in my sophomore year of high school I was a bit lonely so, I went looking on the internet to see if there happened to be anyone who was into bigger girls and stumbled upon bbws/feederism by complete accident. Very shortly after I met my partner (whom I am no longer with) and I officially got into gaining. Haven’t stopped since


In my early years most of the women/girls around me were overweight/chubby and at some point i started to like seeing when the belly spills out into a muffintop and when the clothes fit a bit tightly.


Well, for some reason, I didn’t have these first signs of the future, but once I hit puberty it was like the trigger. it started with fat furs and it gradually moved on to people.

it was weird times, but hey, that’s what brought me to this great place :+1:

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i really dont remember well but i think it was because i was trying to watch porn on youtube lmao

I remember snorlax being the first thing, but I was like a first grader at the time so I didn’t know why it was my favorite pokemon

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I always had this fetish even as a kid, I always had crushes on girls that had pot bellies in school. And I always loved when weight gain episode on totally spies came on.

Kind of started for me when I watched Sibling Rivalry from Family Guy and Camp Refoogee from American Dad, both that featured female weigh gain. It just kind of hit a chord and then discovered more fat cartoon females gaining weight then real women gaining weight.

A combination of cartoons, people in my life who are overweight, and full access to the Internet way before I should have been allowed. Those old cartoon water inflation videos on YouTube? Body morphs with Kitana? Compilations of characters stuffing? You bet I was there :sweat_smile: except I was in elementary school, so if anything it was a very unsophisticated fantasy. As I grew up I was into and grew out of a lot of stuff relating to this fetish, but eventually comfortably settled into weight gain and fat that primarily does the trick for me.

Great question! Well as a kid i always felt something for soft and round bodies. I had a curvy cousin that let me play with her soft wide belly and maybe that what developed my fetish. The rest came all toghether during my 12-13 years old when i searched on YouTube belly videos and similar stuffs. During my high schools i went into other belly related stuffs such as inflations, enema, bloatings etc and only recently i decided to give it a try and sometimes trying stuffing and bloating my tum

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For me, it started as a kid, day dreaming about being fatter. That was so long ago I’ve no idea why - not the internet for sure! Maybe cartoons? I did the thing of putting cushions and pillows under my clothes to see what it would look like. I do recall being criticised for being really skinny - you could see my ribs, and my heartbeat - so maybe that was part of the appeal. So for me the whole thing started in a non-sexual way.

Once puberty struck I guess I started appreciating the chubbiness of potential partners too. I’ve read that people often look for things in their partners that they lack themselves, I’m not sure if that is true.

…I think It triggerd in me when I played Mario & Luigi: BIS
It just happend and I was REALLY confused at the time.


Ahh yes, the classic scene. Forever engraved into every bowser fan’s mind

God I love it-