What got you into this fetish

I think I was always into it.
I remember playing Quake 3 and staring at the fat characters and I didn’t know why.
It didn’t really -start- until I got my hands on Fable 2 where I learned you can make your character FAT. I made a female character to play in private when my parents weren’t around. The Sims 3 also contributed to it, with a bunch of those weight gain stories on youtube…
I never knew why it fascinated me so much until middle school 2014/2015-ish.

Me watching walle and the nutty professor as a kid on repeat probably did something tbh

I blame that tom & jerry episode about the mad scientist in a castle with the grow/shrink ray, charlie and the chocolate factory, that ben 10 episode about gwen turning into cannonbolt, and that hi hi puffy ami yumi episode about sumo for my presence here lol

I used to be pretty skinny for various reasons (depression and stuff, not going to get into it). A few months after I stopped being depressed and started eating normally, I got a bit chubby and realized I liked it. At first I just wanted to be a bit fatter, but as I kept going on, I wanted more and more.

It’s been several years since then. I’m now quite fat, much more than can be considered just chubby. Still trying to gain weight, but my family isn’t quite so lucky when it comes to money, so sadly I’m not making as much progress any more, especially now that it takes more food to feed me, though things have started to change recently and we’ve been doing better so hopefully we’ll have more food.

Three accidental discoveries:

  1. My first fantasies revolved around breast expansion (especially in anime), but because we only had one shared computer in the house, I tried to be sneaky and come up with search terms with plausible deniability. I came up with “expansion” + “anime.” This of course lead to places like bbwchan and DeviantArt, and y’all can figure out the rest :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Another search term discovery: Turns out the phrase “weight gain” knows no gender boundaries. Also turns out I’m bisexual. Thanks, deviantArt!
  3. The reason I necro’d this thread. I’ve been re-reading Le Guin’s Earthsea, which I loved in middle school. I’d forgotten that the first two books have multiple important characters described as “plump” or otherwise fat/chubby, including Ged’s best friend Vetch (whose first conversion is about food!), Tenar’s only friend, Tenar’s guardian, and the primary antagonist of Tombs of Atuan. Earthsea wasn’t a direct influence on my interest in this fetish, but it probably primed the well

In some ways I’ve just always been into larger people and weight gain, but in terms of really getting into it as a proper fetish I followed much the same path. I liked breasts > I liked large breasts > I liked watching breasts get large. Turns out one of the ways that happens is weight gain, so one evening of searching landed me amongst some weight gain fiction and the exposure was enjoyable. And that also included masculine stuff, which I also ended up enjoying.