What is everyone into?

I don’t know if that was already asked, but i was just wondering what stuffs you all are into. I mean are you a feeder or feedee, if you bloat, stuff, or inflate your belly and similar. About me i actively practice bloatings and stuffings.

Well, for this practically stuff feedee, and all three tbh.

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Mainly just BBW and some light bondage (with her being the dominate), but I do enjoy watching a girl gain weight as well, if only as a fantasy.

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general weight gain/ inflation I don’t really care how its done. and I tend to like female version over male. I while I am good with light version I am much a bigger fan of the extreme stuff. tho not things like slob or realistic health-problems


I’m into feederism, I’m a feedee and have been since I was a teenager. Being fat is something I’ve been for most of my life. So it came natural to me to start gaining weight on purpose when I found feederism. I was dating my feeder from sophomore year of hs until 3 months ago. So needless to say I’m a bit dedicated :sweat_smile: I just like being fed and feeding others, I just like fat no matter who it’s on. But I take more joy in getting fat than anything else. :pig:


Basically, both inflation AND weight gain are my main interests.

normal stuff but im to affraid to search up rule 34 and i am unsure if i have a fat fetish or not becaue out of what i assume to be my decling sanity

I love rp, female/female, I am feeder 60% feedee 40% and focused on Weight gain even if I accept most other fetish.

I have a Looong list of thing I am in to but the mains are Belly expansion, weight gain,pregnancy and Belly inflation.