What is your favorite body type that grows? Pear, Hourglass, Apple, Orange, or rectangle?


I’ll make another in the future to see if the results are the same or people had a revolution in their love in bodies.

Probably ask before, but not discussed as much compared to fetishes alone.

How realistic do you like it or fantasy range proportions?
Do your prefer male or female?

So join conversation and discuss your dream body or type of person you love.

Female Body Types
  • Top-Heavy
  • Hourglass
  • Bottom-Heavy
  • All-rounder
  • All-gut
  • Only-Chest
  • Only-Hips/Butt
  • Only-Thighs
  • Skinny-Twig
  • Muscular
  • Toned

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Male Body Types
  • Dad-Bod
  • Girthy-Gut
  • Lean/Slick
  • Toned
  • Moobs
  • Big-Boy
  • Fem-Boy
  • Muscular
  • Bottom-Heavy
  • Top-Heavy

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If any writer or artist who is making a game can use these as reference of what people like in a body type of both genders.


I personally like big chested girls.

Dream body type is Lean and toned body.

A lot more people voted than I thought.

I have a different opinion on this.

in real life, I prefer a plump bottom, the stomach and thighs should be like pillows, fleshy but not too big, this applies only to girls.

in the form of art art, I am more flexible.

if there are anthropomorphic characters, then I like any size, the main thing is that they are thick and soft, preferably female, but also male will go.

anime is only female, and also, the main thing is bigger and softer.

it is desirable to have a realistic weight gain, and a thick bottom, you can just have a stomach or hips.

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Interesting that these polls have you select at least three options. I cry because my three choices for each all landed in the bottom four. *Sits alone on an island while a cruise ship filled with bottom-heavy-BBW fans sails past.*

JK about the crying part.


There seems to be no agreement on what “Dad Bod” actually means. I’ve seen it called fat and muscular and I’ve seen it applied to celebrities who are neither.


A dad bod is when they have a gut with some muscles in there arms and legs, but obviously has some chub to them.

I’m a pear guy, through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I like bellies and boobs just fine, but there’s something about a woman with huge, meaty hips, thighs and ass cheeks that does things to me. Especially if they’re a lot bigger than the rest of her figure, that kind of contrast is rare but wonderful.

If I had to pick a runner-up, it’d be apple-shaped. The fact that a belly can grow from a mostly-flat plane to an enormous, wobbling pile of pure lard that dominates a woman’s figure is hot as hell.

Zero interest in guys, so I can’t really say much in that category.


Is “big boy” mean the same thing as “All-rounder”?


“Big-Boy” is when they grow a gut and have some flesh all around the body. Its similar to “All-Rounder”, but is mostly stomach and few parts of the body. “All-Rounder” is very disturbed across the body. Even the face.

I took “Big-Boy” to be overall physically big, as in those “absolute unit”, built-like-a-brick-shithouse types. I always liked Big Guys in fiction, like Ward in FF8.

For the ladies, I prefer a plump or chubby potbelly most of all so I’m more about the appley-pear shapes.


All rounder master race B)


What is the rectangle

Are you talking about the closed poll?

Edit: Oh. The title. A rectangle body is like a person who has no ass or chest and shaped like a rectangle. It’s more prominent when your skinny.

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