What PC Games to play next?

Hey there,

So i really had some great time playing some of the old PC games lately,
Everything including the old GTA SA, GTA VC, and some other story mode games,
I just like the old style to be honest, all the new high graphics looks like chaos games and aren’t really fun for me,

Please suggest me any game that got a similar style to the old GTA Games, probably Assassin creed games as well, i do like the new ones as well,
Something that you can chill out while playing without a lot of movements and disturbing sounds,
I did use this pc games website to download the current ones as well,
I don’t know if you guys allow that here, if yes please suggest something to download from there,
If not, any Steam game mainly would be good ^^

Thanks in advance
Please let me know!

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You mentioned not wanting games having ‘a lot’ of movements or disturbing sounds.
However, I’m an enjoyer of so called ‘Boomer’ shooters. So while they may not be exactly the vibe your looking for I must recommend ‘Duke Nukem 3D’, ‘DUSK’, ‘BLOOD: Fresh Supply’ as my go-to old-style action games!

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Try mafia then, first game of the series released in early 2000’s, basically playable godfather.
Cool features: (of the first game (Mafia: The city of lost haven))

  • actual variety of cars, weapons.
  • cops chase you if you run a red light

when you say “game that got a similar style to the old GTA Games” do you mean games with the same graphical fidelity as those games (so games that could have been on the ps2/xbox/gamecube) or do you mean that they actually look similarly to them?

also does the actual gameplay matter for the recommendations?

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Dead Rising is always a fun series, I suggest the 2nd or 3rd one.

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What about the red dead experience, if you enjoy the work of Rockstar? Red Dead 2 is still pretty new and has great graphics, but the original Red Dead Redemption is graphically almost a clone of GTA: San Andreas. The second game is my favourite game of all time, but the first one is also good.

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Why was this post even flagged by the community though?


I don’t know either, lol,
thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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Yes, similar gameplays most likely

then saints row 2 might be worth playing though it isn’t at GTA SA levels of graphics

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