What shape/desired level of fatness are you interested in seeing more content of?

Please read this post first

  • Thin with softness
  • Chubby belly
  • Chubby
  • Overall fat
  • Obese
  • Immobile

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The two I selected are the most and least popular. That is actually rather funny.

I find that these polls (there was another one on the fat areas) struggle to capture the nuances of the fat fetish. There are so many details. Like is obese just morbidly obese? What’s the belly shape? What are the broader proportions between body parts? Muscle and skeletal frame dictate fat dynamics like sag and wobble. Fat quality varies (i.e. cellulite, stretch marks). Perhaps a better way to capture the opinions of our peers may be to ask for links to images that best show their ideal body. [I think some post on this forum already sort of calls for this.] It is a great way to share artists’ works. Links to stories that cater most directly to one’s tastes can also help.


Thing is, we’re technically not allowed to do that, according to Kilif.

What are you referring to exactly? The rule on posting 3rd party content without permission?

Yes. Is that not quite correct/worded wrong? I apologize.

Regardless, even if people could actually find/generate “examples” that are compliant, I figured you wouldn’t appreciate what would essentially be a call for an image-dump thread. If your issue is that I did not say as much initially, I apologize.

Having read my initial comment, I could’ve just linked to a comment you made, rather than make a vague statement implicating you. Once again, sorry. Probably shouldn’t use this site tired… But then I wouldn’t use it at all.

Its ok! I wasn’t trying to berate you or anything, just clarifying what you meant for anyone else looking at the thread.

As the image dump, @grotlover2 would need to be the one to make the final call on that, but yes, as the rule is written and interpreted to the word, that would be against the rules.

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So copyright is a very odd beast and it applies different ways depending on different factors. In the context of an image dump, yes I would consider that a violation of our rules and it would be taken down.

For the most part you can use some images for illustration or to make a point and most copyright holders will let you get away with that, but keep in mind that if the copyright holder requests that their content be removed we legally have to comply with their request.

Quick side note: This will be different for our EU users depending on how their respective countries choose to implement article 17.

In the interest of not hijacking this thread I will not respond to any more questions about this here. If you have questions on this or how we have to handle copyright here feel free to send me a message through the site or on discord.

The belly is the best part imo


someone of culture I see. :sunglasses::wine_glass:

I agree, though I am really fond of BBWs, especially those whose belly can be used for a bed with the breast as the pillows and their butt could be a couch