What should I add to Coinpurse Kobold?

Personally, I only ask for two things, first I really enjoyed the dragon’s cave, maybe a macro game that involves activities with the dragon’s lair could be possible?

But, my second wish is something deeply personal to me…

My kobold needs ~style :sparkles:. If it’s possible I would enjoy more kobold customization for their head, and tail. I think implementing clothing on the kobold would be pretty hard.


I really really wanted to add this in the jam version but just ran out of time.


I’m actually working on 2 other projects first that were in development before the Jam.

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Ok. That makes sense. I have an idea if it would be ok.I think to be able to make a level go off of high alert you there could be a bed in the level or in the cave to sleep on and your belly sags over the edge.I thought it would be good in a level if maybe you don’t actually don’t sleep but you pretend and we still get to see a belly full of coins sagging and giggling off the bed and it gets bigger the more coins you have “gotten”.just a thought but I thinks I might be stupid.

I personally don’t agree with baton on this I feel like it’s a little too much.

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The bed could be a hiding spot.

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i am not telling him to do all of the above, it’s “suggestions”, you give a man ideas, not requests

Ok sorry I didn’t mean it to be rude

I think we all would like to see a kobold that has been stuffed with gold and is (not actually) bursting at the seems after being caught by the guard on the gold pile in the castle.Maybe being rolled back to the cave or something


Yours was actually one of my favorite games in the whole jam. I think it says a lot about what you accomplished that I really just want MORE of it. More stages, more weight levels, more “gambles” and upgrades in the cave. Etc etc.

In general, my favorite part of this game was how you implemented direct gameplay effects for your size with the stuckage mechanic. I’d like more of THAT if possible.

I’m not good with this kind of fetish creativity, but here are a few ideas from the top of my head, just to contribute with the brainstorming session:

  • Maybe if you are big enough you can do a belly bump smaller guards
  • Maybe you can put vents of high windows and you have to bounce on yours/others bellies to get up there
  • Maybe if you get too big, even the stairs can get small for you, so you have no option but to get even bigger to break the floor/wall to get outside. This could introduce the strategy of choosing where to break through, and include a rush of fleeing while super slow.
  • I think rolling could be a good mechanic if you get too big. You could make the controls super subject to inertia to make it difficult to drive, but it could be fun.
  • I’d particularly enjoy if progression with new upgrades could be gated by needing to feed the other kobolds that offer them. That way you don’t make everything available from the beginning, and you get to see them get bigger.
  • A few “gamble” type upgrades that I think could be fun:
    • Some upgrade to the inflation-lovers out there, so that you fill yourself with air, reducing your capacity, but are also quicker and jump higher.
    • The reverse of the micro upgrade, that might make it easier for you to bully guards but make it difficult to get into places and make you slower.
    • Some upgrade to make the doors larger, but there is less money around because they had to pay the construction crews to expand the doors.
  • When playing the game I had a lot of problem with very specific guards, it could be interesting to have a mechanic to throw food and temporarily put them in a food coma to strategically move past them.
  • This idea would also be cool if complimented with the ability to get these “food weapons” in the stage itself, like in the farm patch or in the back of the bar.
  • It would be interesting if a different variant of levels were a speedrun instead of a stealth game. All pieces are basically in place, so this seems like a really cheap way to add to the variety of gameplay.

Anyway, this was just me spitting out ideas for the brainstorm. I continue to hold that if you just add more stages and weight levels, you are already on your way to have one of the best games in this site.