What weight do you wish you were at?

What weight level do you wish you were at? How heavy do you wish you were? What body shape do you wish you were?

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Fun question!

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be trying to gain weight any time soon. I like the appearance of being fat, but I really struggle enjoying anything when I feel unhealthy. Sweating when it’s only warm, panting climbing the stairs, and feeling lethargic just aren’t for me!

That’s why I love this site so much! Thanks to the games we share, I can play out my fantasies and live the best of both worlds!

On the other hand, if I had an SO, I think I’d love for them to be more than a little soft. Especially around the belly!

How about you, Tag? It’s only fair that you answer your own questions~


I’m pretty bad at maths, but 300lbs sounds pretty good. A pear shape would be best, which works out pretty well because I think that’s the kind of figure I would have if I was bigger.

I’ve lost about 30 pounds recently through a combination of stress and getting sick for a while. I wouldn’t mind getting back to my previous peak so my pants stop falling off. Beyond that I don’t really have a hard limit, although I do have some practical limits since I am on my feet most of the day at work.

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I’m personally not interested in gaining weight myself, especially with my job in the CF, but I would love to see my fiance reach 350

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If you mean my ideal weight as a fictional character who wouldn’t get a heart attack instantly, I’d say about… a ton or so
How physically big you imagine that to be varies from person to person, of course, but in my mind it’s perfect… Perfectly balancing on the edge to immobility~
Body shape, I’m not a big belly person, keep it moderate, that’s about it

If you mean not in fantasy land, I’m happy with where I currently am

My short term goal is to put on 100 lbs, which would put me at 360, which is a nice round number.

But ideally I want to get to 400 lbs. Just seems like a reasonable weight. Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be twice or even three-times that.

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I’m tall (6’0) so I have a worse idea of how weight would end up sitting on me than I think most people do. There’s a ton of BBW models I’d love to have the figure of, but a lot of them are like 5’5 and under and when theyre 400 and up, and when you understand how exponentially weight increases with the mass that being taller gives you, I end up thinking my ideal size would end up being some ridiculous weight that I’d have too much trouble with physically to actually aim for.

So instead I’m just making tiny progressive goals and seeing how I feel about dealing with the weight as I go. I’ve put on like, 80 pounds so far I think? (simple math is hard) since I decided to start gaining, taking me from 150 to 230, and as things stand so far I can see myself easily going until 300 or more.

Aside from kink reasons, the extra weight I’ve put on has been super nice, too. It’s fun to just feel soft and comfy all the time, tho I should really start doing strength and stamina training to deal with my pre-existing issues of being super out of shape, yknow, before putting on a bunch of weight makes life incredibly difficult (leave out-of-shape kinks for fiction imho).


If I could do it and be healthy(possible but I’m lazy/hate exercise), I’d love to be about 300-350. I’m 280 as is but I want that extra plushness to go from chubby to FAT.

I don’t have a specific number that I’d like to reach. As a kid I was always being teased for being too thin (I was, to be fair, getting to 6 foot and still being under 100lbs). As a result I’ve had fantasies about getting bigger for as long as I can remember. As an adult I’ve gradually watched the number on the scales creep up.
I got Cronh’s disease though, and when I get a flare up it’s pretty much like I’m not getting any nutririon from what I eat. Some of the medication can make you ridiculously hungry though and my weight has varied wildly as a result. It’s got to the point where I don’t bother weighing myself, as the value is just so emphemeral.
I’d still like to be heavier, no, I’d actually like to be bigger and softer really. Meantime, I’ll just enjoy the fantasy of it.

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So, why do you wish you were bigger and softer dingotush?

I’d like to see what it’s like to be fat/really fat but not permanently


I sympathize, and you’re absolutely right with the last statement about out of shape kinks. I actually really enjoy that in fictional settings but reality isn’t quite as nice. I admire your progress and planning though c:

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well i like to see it not be it if you know what i mean i would god cant even think of it what its like

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I’m currently about 274 lbs (putting me at a 45.6 BMI) and I am currently aiming for a cute 300 lbs milestone with no plans to stop there >// v//<


Probably unpopular opinion, but I’m cruising in the opposite direction. Since becoming a legal adult I’ve been trying to get to a healthy weight. I’m 6’4" and at my peak were 357 lbs and now I’m at 294, goal weight is around 180 anything above that i would want to be muscle.

I dunno how many answers have been male so far but for me I’m definitely in the camp of liking it on women only. That and most of the adults in my life have been suffering from health issues lately and they aren’t even elderly yet, gives me a bit of a push.


I’m finding that as I close in on 300 I’m thinking maybe 400 isn’t enough. I wake up and get out of bed, and trudge to the fridge actually wishing that the walk was a bit more difficult.

We have a relatively thin hallway leading from the master bedroom to the living room and not a day goes by that don’t I wish my growing love handles would brush along the walls.

I’m aiming for maybe the 500-650 pound range, now.


im guessing im underwehigt

super big but not too big I like eating alot

since this is back, I’d like to proudly announce I am over 300 lbs now~