What weight do you wish you were at?



slightly less than the average healthy adult. I wish I had a pretty slender skinny body shape. Long hair and long arms and I want to be tall. I know it sounds like I wanna be a horror character but cmon.


25 lb gain in 3-4 months? Congrats that’s actually p difficult if youre not constantly on top of things! How’s it feeling on ya <: ?


took a bit to get used to the weight and I had to get some new clothes, mostly pants as I was lucky to have a lot of loose fitting shirts on hand, I pretty much binged and stuff everyday, excluding a few where I was too out of it or just couldn’t stay in my room and eat ^ .^;;
feeling mybody sway and bounce as I walk is… so exciting~<3


Anything else about your newfound weight?


Heyya, I can relate. I’m a man who likes being skinny, and only thinks chub looks good on women. But I don’t begrudge the guys out there who do like being big though.


I’m actually completely happy being tall and skinny (I’m a guy), but I do wish I was more toned, as I like the look of male muscles, and I think it would make being with my chubby girlfriend a lot more thrilling.


Seeing as how I’ve always been on the other side of this fetish (if that makes sense), I personally want to slim up a little bit more and acquire a tad more muscle.
Not to say my weight is way high up (I’m around 140-145, which is on the higher end of average for my height), I just want the cool sleek physique of something similar to a late part JoJo character.


I’ve been flip-flopping back and forth between becoming 300-400lbs and getting thinner, admittedly. That being said, if I do gain weight I want to be fit first; maybe fitness can be maintained during obesity? idk, not a doctor


Once you hit 400 pounds, even with modern medicine, health will generally begin to slip.


i wish to be like the sheriff of Nottingham from Disney’s robin hood


Interesting question and forum…

Well if were talking about Fictional & without health issues aside from the obvious bulk your carrying i would say… around 600-700 pounds because It’s something that your really need to commit to doing for some but for others it’s burden due to reasons and i am kinda of curious of being in both of their shoes as i struggle walking with a massive bulk of fat and the challenges of that also brings being that size of course.

As for Real Life well… i am kind of curious personally but i’m one of those too nervous to try right now but if i did really commit my goal would be around… 300-500 pounds as those are the weights where your basically a fat person to beginner Super sized individual just because i was one of those who had a really freaky metabolism when i was a child but it has slown down now but i think with modern media and modern medicine saying what is fact i’m quite conflicted with myself.