Where did narukami92 go?!

Hello, people! Those who are in the topic know that not so long ago, after an update for vale city, narukami announced that this is her last post(?) and, more on its channel I do not observe activity. Does anyone know what this is about? And is this the final decision? It’s just that she makes really great games, and once upon a time she said that she wants to make another game “bbw nightclub”, is there any information on this? Her patreon seems to be closed, so you won’t hear from her anywhere else?

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narukami is using discord for the most part, mainly on their new project


What Grim said. Narukami is a man, by the way. Just wanted to be sure we don’t misgender him.

Anyway, if you want to keep up to date, here’s the new Discord for Beru-City (name is subject to change):

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