Whose this dope?

Heyo! The name’s Empty! I’m often a chill dude who loves video games and talking about ideas for it! I’ll be happy to make concept art, and I’m learning how to use Stencyl, so I may be making some projects soon! I have a wide cast of characters I would love to make and use for in games! And, I’m always willing to give and receive help if I can!

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Welcome, hope you have fun over here! I’d love to try out your projects once you start working on them.

Welcome to the site! Happy to have you here with us!

Welcome to the site Empty! Hey Empty, do you have a a site where you post your stuff? i would love to check your work

Thank you grot, I appreciate the welcome!

And not really Belly, sorry. I do have artwork I made, I just need to find it c’:

Maybe under the couch??? :thinking:

Oh no no, I meant as in trying to find the files I sent, haha.

Though, I am finishing up a concept picture of Krypt! Just need to add what his ears look like, and his colors!

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Welcome to the forums.