Workings in text adventures/interactive stories

To anyone who’s interested, I’ve begun working with Twine (a text-based story game creator) in an attempt to make my own little quickie WG-text adventure, and I’ve also begun on a rudimentary clone of this game:, which I enjoy but wish was a bit more intuitive.

Knowing that some people here talked about Chief and enjoyed it too, I’m hoping to make at least a psuedo-clone of it myself!

It’ll most likely be text only (I’m not so’s good at the draws, ya know the deal.) but I’m hoping to make a similar game on the lines of “feed a guest, make happy, make fat,” possibly with the addition of a timer or other challenge. right now, it’s very basic; I just put in the base mechanics of happiness, fullness, a time counter, and weight (duh.)

I’m hoping to elaborate on these areas and have a bit more depth than just “eat food - end day - gain weight.” the happiness is in place with a game over counter present at all times, but it doesn’t seem as if managing happiness will be that hard unless I make the numbers more unforgiving.

P.S. I also encourage trying Twine; version 2.0 doesn’t have a ton of guidance right now (it must be relatively new) but the base language (Harlowe) is pretty easy to pick up. it’s a fun text-adventure builder, open to a number of different setups. one particular game made in Twine 1.4 is Boundless, which has a surprising level of depth despite the simple engine!

Sounds good, it’s always nice to have another weight gain game!

I’m also interested in trying out Twine. Played a few neat games based on it, and it sounds pretty accessible. I have an idea for a game where you (the protagonist) separate from the tour of a certain mysterious candy factory, with the intention of trying everything and seeing how fat/round/juicy you can get before security catches up with you. I haven’t done any programming in a long time, myself, but luckily my girlfriend is quite proficient in all things digital. My first hurdle is how to tell her that this is a thing I’m into without weirding her out. :o

The game is pretty good, like the gameplay of it. Though I have some suggestions for changes. 1. We can see the progress on our customer as we progress through the game. 2. We can get some kind of interaction with the other chefs, like one comes over in between meals and talks to us.

Hm. well, the sprite will change in the original game as they gain weight, but it’s quite slow. so far, I have the gaining occur a bit faster, and I might tone it back a tad.
And I’m not sure, I have a way to look at your guest but I might also add another thing to give you comments from other chefs depending on your “progress” (weight, happiness, etc.).

I’m going to re-evaluate how the meal and day progression systems work, and then hopefully put something up for you guys to try.

I’ve been quiet about this for a while, but I’ve been: a) distracted, and b) experimenting with Twine off and on and working out ways to make it do what I want it to.
I’ve made some progress with my chief ripoff, but I had to go through a couple of iterations before I hit the system that I now think will work.

essentially, the majority of the gaining wouldn’t be after every meal, it would be at the end of a day after a series of meal times. I can’t set up a system of time checks like the original game had, but I can make timeslots for meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I’m hoping to have them all contribute to one fullness stat, which would be compared to a maximum fullness stat. at the end of a day, they would be compared to each other to gauge how stuffed your guest is (factoring into happiness and expanding stomach capacity) and to contribute to how much weight would be gained overnight. in between meals there could be subtle gains based on meals and/or supplements, and subtle reductions in fullness to account for the time between them (and could be affected by supplements).

once I have at least some meal options in to make the progression (read: the game itself) functional, I’ll put up a version here for trials. as of now, I have the framework ready, I just haven’t had the patience to put in all the meals and supplements that actually make it playable. if you have suggestions for meals, supplements, or changes based off this, let me know, but for now I’m close to letting people actually try it (I hope).

P.S. I have another basic adventure game set up as well; there’s next to nothing to do yet, but it exists. when I think there’s enough to actually do I’ll toss it up as well.

If it helps you feel motivated, you’ve got at least one person waiting with baited breath!

I have an unfinished project in Twine and I eventually settled on “overnight weight processing” too. It’s not intuitive to handle math in the middle of scene-to-scene transitions all the time.

[i][font=times new roman]Actually, you have two people rooting for ya, plus potentially many others who havn’t spoken yet! I’ve played the “Chief” game before, beat it (in a sense), but to hear that some new life was going to be put into the style, I was excited! As far as meal ideas, lemme toss a few desserts for ya:
Eclair Cake(slice), Eclair Cake(whole), Ice Cream Sunday, Cookie Cake(slice), & Cookie Cake(whole). Now, you’re probibly wondering “Well, what’s an Eclair Cake?” Glad you asked. It’s a multi-layer dessert of graham cracker, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, whipped cream(that comes in a tub), and crushed Oreos. It’s simply heavenly, and of my own Mother’s invention!

Now, why slice and whole options? Slices could be 1/8th of what the ‘whole’ option has to offer, with the same taste value. Also, cookie cake(especially with frosting!) is delightful, so why not? Best wishes on the game development![/font][/i]

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well first, thanks for the enthusiasm. I appreciate the interest!

second, I kinda stagnated with the dawn of this semester, and I haven’t done much since it started, thus my lack of updates.
sooooooooo I can try to get myself motivated again, but I can’t really give an eta, thought I did just get some writing ideas, and that might get me back in the mood for working on this (among other things).

Regardless, i look forward to this project