Writer, programmer looking to participate

It is a bit late (I may have misunderstood when the jam was happening this year – poor reading comprehension!) but I am checking to see if there is anyone, be it a team or individual, looking for a writer for the jam. I also can do the coding if your collective lacks a computer monkey already, but I likely will not just want to do coding – think of me as a writer with programming knowledge attached. My credentials are dubiously backed by the text rpg I have been working on within these very forums, so I have an on-site “resume” of sorts you can check to see if I am a good match for you or your team.

I want to take a break from that project, so I would like to work on something with an artist, in order to see what it is like to design/work on a game with graphics for once. Aside from that, I am extremely open on game concepts, so long as it is something doable within the timeframe. The big caveats are that I am absolutely useless to you if you want to include male content, vore, or farts.

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Hey, I’d love a writer/coder on my team to work on a sort of “selective evolution” type of game. You interested?