You can get a big bundle of RPG Making tools for a good price right now

Humble Bundle is hosting a RPG Maker Bundle with some games and basically everything you could need for creating an RPG Maker game.

  • For 15 Dollars you can get RPG Maker VX Ace (It’s not the newest one but I think it’s not bad) and Character Hub
  • For 50 Dollars you get a big RPG Maker MV Bundle with basically every asset stuff you could need/want and with RPG Maker MV of course + Visual Novel Maker (never used that but I guess it do what it say’s)

Just to let people know if they are playing around with that idea of buying one of those.

Check it out here

Going to make sure i buy it before i lose the opportunity
that way if i ever want to make a rpg, we i wll be able to! (basic one, but still one)

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