You know what Bethesda games need?

A functional mini-map

From TES to Fallout, both have had an under utilized local map feature that I feel needs more attention. It’s already a mini-map, but it’s inside menus which makes it virtually useless and, at times, forgotten

As far as I know, the local map is a drawn piece that someone spend time and effort in making, and putting it behind menus diminishes the value of them. Makes ts wasted man-power. So turning it into a gameplay UI element would make it worthwhile, besides almost every other open world game has a mini-map, so why not? I mean, it still needs some work as it’s sometimes confusing to use but, I think its a good addition that can help exploration

Any thoughts?


quite interesting to be honest i mostly play skyrim but fallout that an good idea if you ask me

There’s a local map?

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No, it is not already a mini-map inside menu. It is just a normal map and that is why there is no reason to transform it into mini-map. In most games mini-map has been created to show player not only location of quest targets, but to show enemies position around player and some other specific information which Bethesda’s maps lacking. In Bethesda games map show only general features of the game location, your marks and quest locations which you can see on compass. To show only quest location and marks compass is enough and that is why there is no mini-map.


I greatly prefer the compass bar to a mini map. As far as I’m concerned, the less intrusive the UI is on screen while running around the better.

Actual deep RPG mechanics instead of the shit they have been pulling since Fallout 3?

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I never said that there was a mini-map already in the game, but that the local map map [go to map and press ‘x’ on xbox] could be repurposed into a mini-map

Sorry if you got confused, English isn’t my first language