0.1x.0 Release

0.1x.0 has been released for Windows, Mac(unsupported), and Linux(unsupported). You can find the most recent releases on our release page:


Congratulations on your first release!

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to working on the 0.2x release soon.

Is this a furry game?

No, but we plan on adding in the ability to mod in your own characters later so you can add anything you want.

Interesting. I hope this game gets more complete later.

I personally am not a fan of furry so that’s great to hear


i think ive just found my new favourite wg game, pls stick with this project

Hi! I made an account simply to comment this, hehe. This game is incredibly promising so far! The concepts in the game, and the concepts outlined in the roadmap, sound AMAZING. I have one bit of feedback, or maybe a suggestion? The sound effects are lovely, and while I love the stomach burbling, I think it would be nice to have an option to turn off specific noises in a later release. e.g. having an option with stomach noises but no burping or vice versa, or even turning them off completely. I know it’s an incredibly simple thing, but I know that I personally would greatly enjoy that amount of customization.

Happy to hear you like it! And dont worry we will continue working on it.

We could look into doing that. I think right now you should have control over the sfx volume but I know we do not allow for the tuning of individual sound effects. It is not likely though that we will do this though during the 3 planned X releases, but we will keep this in mind for when we begin work on the actual production version of the game.

is another update coming soon?

So as the dev of The Farm I was planning to work on it this and next month, but some issues came up that pushed this back onto the back burner.

As the sites Admin please remember the rules outlined in our FAQ. Do not ask devs for release dates or updates on releases.

sorry about that :pensive:

Can you textmod the game to change the “pet’s” picture/texture.

Yes, we plan on having the game fully moddable. Once we get to 0.3x you will see us implementing a rough modding interface and tools.

Right now though you can texture mod the current sprites. You just need to clone our project, modify the textures, then run or build in unity (you have to so this bc currently the textures are an embedded assest).

You can find our repo here:

If you are looking texture mod the game feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you where we can.

Hyped for the next release

same :slightly_smiling_face: smile:

Can’t wait for the next release. :wink:

Unfortunately you may need to wait for quite some time. Working on Weight Gaming and a few other projects of mine have pushed this far on the back burner. I want to come back to it I just dont know when I will :slightly_frowning_face:

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Maaaaaaaaaaan, I will still be here, covered in cobwebs and dust, weighting for the next release then.