11/2018 Fat Fortnight Theme!

Its time everyone! The first Fat Fortnight game jam is now officially underway! For our first theme we wanted to pick something that was kind of open ended so we can let the community explore a bit on this one while fitting the time of the game jam.

So I am pleased to announce that the first ever theme will be: The Holidays!

So let your games be merry and pack on that holiday weight! This game jam will require you to find an interesting way to integrate a holiday or holidays into your game.

Now before you all go running off here is some useful advice.

  • No one is expecting a full game instead you are trying to go after what is called a vertical slice. Do what you can to try to capture the core of your game with the minimum amount of parts as possible as if you go for a full game you will end up missing the deadline.
  • Don’t fixate too much on bugs either, as long as they do not cause too many major crashes and do not overly impact the game they will be over looked.
  • Try to keep reuse in mind. This is not overly important but try to use this as a chance to build your toolkit a bit and approach it as if you may turn it into a full game later. You will have to balance this with developing fast but if you can get your toolkit built up a bit more each time you will see yourself getting faster and faster after each jam.

With that out of the way, I welcome all of you to the first Fat Fortnight Game Jam! Good luck to you all, and remember get your submission by 11/25!

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