1st & 2nd Quarter 2021 Income Statement and 2020 Fiscal Year

Good day everyone! As promised here is the income statements for the first and second quarter along with the 2020 Fiscal Year. First up the Fiscal Year

2020 Fiscal Year

As you can see our net was a loss of about $12,000USD. Most of this was money we are putting towards one of our internal projects. Its still too early to talk about but we are still continuing development in the background.

Most of the other expenses are standard operating expenses and our grants and events.

1st Quarter

In general the 1st Quarter was very stable. We saw some gains in patreon income but for the most part held a a steady average of ~$370USD. Costs remained fairly stable as well with our largest cost being our internal project and standard operating costs.

2nd Quarter

The 2nd Quarter was a bit of good and a bit of bad. After seeing some growth in our Patreon it got hit fairly hard. One of our largest supporters had to pull their funding back causing our monthly income to drop by $90USD in a night. Luckily, with the communities blessing, we started running ads right before this happened. So far its been going good with us pulling around $175USD the first month with $220USD the second. This has helped to cushion the blow.

As usual more details can be found in the attached files and if you like what we do and wish to support us directly check out our patreon!

WGFIncomeStatements_1st_2nd_2021.pdf (919.0 KB)
WGFIncomeStatements.xlsx (165.6 KB)