1st Fat Fortnight Game Jam Starts Tomorrow! (And site maintenance) (UPDATED: 11/9 8:45 PM)

Good day everyone! I am happy to say its finally almost here. The theme for our first ever Fat Fortnight Game Jam will be announced tomorrow marking the start of the competition!

In order to get ready for the competition, we will be preforming some last minute maintenance and backups on the site later today. Most of you should know the drill by now but for those who dont, we don’t expect any interruption in our service but in the event the site does go down during maintenance keep an eye on our discord and Twitter for updates.

We all look forward to seeing what this amazing community will come up with!


Some of the updates are security updates that require us to bring down the site in order to apply them. Expect a small outage that will last between 15 to 60 mins later today. We will make another post and an announcement through our usual channels about 15 mins before we plan on taking the site down.

We will be bringing down the server for maintenance in about 15 mins. Expect an outage ranging around between 15 - 60 mins.

Maintenance is finished. Thank you for your patience.