'2 Days to Fat' - An open ended gaining adventure

Your girlfriend is away for the weekend.

Turns out she loves fat girls.
The fatter the better.

You’ve got 48 hours to push your limits and plump up as much as possible!


This is an open ended visual adventure where you play the role of Carly, a fresh faced college student who’s just learned her girlfriend Chloe has a fat and weight gain fetish in a major way. You have just 2 days to get as fat as possible, pushing the limits of your stomach and your sanity as you encounter sweet but sinful bakers, mad scientists, goth girl item vendors, BBW buffet magnates, overblown mall cops, and even an extra terrestrial!

Seven characters to meet, voice acting and effects, with a total of 8 possible endings!

Made by the following perverts:

Cinna-Sticks - 3D models, 3D backgrounds, original concept
OhNoAnotherButton - game design and coding
Miss Indulgence - Writing, 2D assets and UI
TheSpookyEnd - Additional writing, concepting


Definitely interested, can’t wait to see more - like, even some sort of quick screenshots even, haha.


sounds amazing! Looking forward to it!


Hey!! Programmer for the game here! Here’s a link to the game on itch! @MissIndulgence will add it to the header in a bit :smiley:


One thing right off the bat is that the campus map could definitely use some labels on it, to have an idea of where you’re going before clicking on it. A basic save system would be cool, too, or at least a ‘quick start’ to skip past the intro dialogue for subsequent playthroughs or restarts.

Also, losing a segment of time going to an area that’s closed kinda sucks. I’d really make it so visiting a place that isn’t open doesn’t take up time.

The writing is really good, the different characters have really nice designs, and I’m eager to see the endings! It’s just a little tedious to start from the beginning over and over again to get to them.

It also seems that some of the picture transitions are bugged. The pictures for Endings 3 and 4 do not show up when you get them, or in the Endings Gallery.


I have noticed that if you visit the lab a second time at night, you get stuck there.


Thanks for the feedback!! Going a new build in a sec with these changes :smiley:

Ending 3 and 4 unfortunately didn’t get finished before the deadline, but a new build should be going up some time soon with those, as well as images for when you look at yourself in the mirror!


Hotfix #1:

  • Added labels to the campus map
  • Stopped closed locations using up a segment of time
  • Added button to skip intro dialogue if at least 1 ending has been unlocked
  • Fixed bug when visiting the lab for a second time at night

Thanks @Korota and @mrbill619 for your feedback so far! :smiley:


Looking forward to the scenes. Right now, just trying to figure out the Mr. Creosote.


Yeah, I’ve got no idea how to get Ending 8. I’ve gotten all the other 7, and I know they give hints, but I already did what Ending 7 hints at, and it didn’t get me Ending 8, so I’m completely stumped.


3d artist for the game here, are you talking about legit number 8 or the secret ending?

Can you list which you have achieved so far?

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That right there is a splendid hint on how to get it. Let’s just a say a certain amount of failure is involved.

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I’m a new user so I wasn’t able to add screens of it. But they’re available in the itch.io link above!

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Here are some screenshots, courtesy of the 3D artist :slight_smile:


Here’s a screenshot of my endings screen. As far as I know, I haven’t gotten ending 8 OR this secret ending that I’m only just now aware of.


Secret ending is being abducted by aliens. Ending 8 you need to fail your puash the limit minigame 3 times in 1 day

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How do I “defeat” the cop? Other than just going when she isn’t there? I can just tell there’s gotta be something you can do to interact more with the cop!


Alien abduction is Ending 7, though? How is that secret?

And Ending 8 sounds like a HUGE pain in the butt to get. I have to spend the whole first day collecting food items, then go to the buffet, then eat a food item, hit the 25% chance of failure for the minigame, then repeat from the buffet TWO MORE TIMES. With how slow the game is to progress, and no way to reload a save, it’s just way too tedious to do.

In spite of that, I love everything else about this game. If you guys ever do like an extended week-long version of this, I’d go crazy for it.

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What pastry is cliche to cops?


I actually havent played my own game yet so i wasnt sure how the endings were listed. Originally it was much easier to get a fail on the push the limits but changed it up because the dev said it felt too feel bad., but we will try rebalancing that. Also, a save function is on the dev road map as well as completing some missing content that just couldnt get complete in time. As far as fleshing the game out further, we are talking about it and it seems like everyone is pretty on board. :slight_smile: glad you enjoyed what we had ao far! It was basically our first game dev as a unit, and many of our members first.