2: Lewdness!

In Fetishmaster, the vast majority of stats are hidden from the player (unless you’re using debug mode). One such stat is “lewdness”

A proxy’s lewdness represents how tolerant they are of sexual things/ ideas/ experiences. Of the hidden stats this is the most important if you want to keep your proxy from running away at the mere sight of genitalia.

No seriously if your proxy’s lewdness is low they will have a propensity to leave. When you do a sexual act/have a sexual experience it generally does a check against your character’s lewdness. if it is a below a certain point then your proxy takes a negative hit to your proxy’s mood. In my previous tutorial i explained ho important mood it because if it gets below like 30 you’re at great risk of having your proxy leave you and take any items they might be carrying with them(which is really annoying to say the least).

So how do you raise your proxy’s lewdness then?

Well take a seat and I’ll tell you!

Method one: The long way!

This method (as the name implies) is the longer way but it’s pretty low risk.

When you in the home go to>Training Rooms

from there there are 2 options

go to > Mental training and use the Read Erotica option (Read hentai is basically the same but more extreme than just erotica)


got to > Sexual Training and use the Breast play Button (works even fore males. That should probably be fixed or changed by someone sometime)

Doing these options with a new proxy will cause them to take a hit to their mood as well as raise their tiredness a bit. However it will slightly raise their lewdness. Once their mood gets to like around 40 you can bring them back to the management mode and wait a few days for their mood to recover. Eventually doing this the mood hits will get less and less until there are no mood hits at all. You may want to continue at this point just to make sure they’re not going to get any mood hits from other things.

Method two: On the Job Training!

This method involves working for some money then spending it watching strippers… For this tutorial I’m assuming you’re starting a new game and are broke.

First we need to get to the Redlight district follow this path

Street > To Up lane > Redlight district

There you will want to hit Search Around(1h) until you find a place called Hotlips. Once you find it you may need to have your proxy rest. That’s okay just do it and get back here.

Once you’ve found it you’ll need to come back at 18:00 hours because that’s when it opens. Enter the club then enter the manager room and you should be able to get a “job” . You can do 2 things, either be a singer(easier to get started and doesn’t involve lewdness, Also nice if you’re RPing a character that you don’t want to be a stripper) or work as a stripper (higher earning potential once your proxy has the skills and lewdness).

Working as a stripper (exotic dancer) WILL give you mood hits so you need to watch and make sure. You’re free to stop and go back to the home to recover your proxy’s mood.


Once you have at least 100 gold you can go to the next step to accelerate your lewdness gain.

Got back to Hotlips and instead click on the other option(Dance hall). You want the option on the right (get private dance). This option gives you some lewdness, and striptease skill. To give you an idea of how much quicker this can be: If you have 1000 gold you can get a proxy to an acceptable lewdness level in just one day. This is useful if you’ve just hired a new proxy later in the game and want to increase their lewdness.

Know this will save you a lot of frustration with having proxys randomly pissed at you for showing them sexual things.

I tend to just go for option one using hentai. As long as the stats stop falling aside from fatigue then I am generally quite happy with the Lewdness level. I essential grind level lewdness any proxy before use.

That’s perfectly fine, but i figure it’s good to ease it on for new users.

But for later game I use the dance hall option. I just give new proxies 1000 gold and send them there for a day and they come back ready for most things. If I need more then I just send them for a second day