2 Nights at Johnny's

You are the new employee at Johnny’s Hot Dogs and your first job is to keep an overly hungry customer named Bonnie from entering the pantry and eating the ingredients for Johnny’s famous beef hot dogs.
To earn your $1.85 a night salary you must keep her out until Johnny’s opens at 6am but beware that if you fail then Johnny Jackrabbit will get mad and fire you on your first weekend.

This game concept came to me while I was watching old Mickey Mouse shorts and I wanted to give the concept a try in the style of a Fnaf style game. All assets will be hand drawn to the style of a Golden age cartoon and the security office gameplay will feature time appropriate technology like periscopes instead of security cameras gramophone recordings instead of phone messages and a lockable door with a health system.

I am planning to make the game in GDevelop or Fnaf Maker and will be testing builds in both engines to get the concept in working order.

The fat aspect of the game is Bonnie and the game over screen featuring her after eating the inventory, also Johnny Jackrabbit is jewish so all hot dog sausages are beef instead of pork in order to remain kosher.

I hope you guys enjoy the game when its released and I look forward to show off the progress as I go on the journey of making it.

Open to questions about the game and production and will be happy to answer them :slight_smile:


this game sounds super cool


That has to be the most arbitrary, and pointless bit of lore here, and I love it.


I’m glad you like it, I try my best to try new things when world building and writing :slight_smile:


Johnny got a redesign as I feel original wasn’t very clean so I decided to clean him up and give him more detail.

This is a line art sketch of a potential design of Johnny’s Hot Dogs location, It’s based off an old railcar diner mixed with an old Baltimore street circa 1920.


Bonnie Bear has been given a redesign including a nice new dress, I’ll give her lore later on but all I’ll say is she is a very hungry bear.

A quick concept of what the office may potentially look like, this sketch is the first look into what Dijone Duck will see on his night shift at Johnny’s Hot Dogs.


Looks good, I wish you luck.

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