2 pretty good vore focused furry games

Two relatively unknown text adventure games that I think are pretty good if you’re into vore. Both games have weight gain. (recommended you play on Quest 5 (it’s free))


These are pretty heckin’ good - know of any guides for 'em?

The game walkthroughs should be on the download pages of the games, right above the play online button for both games.

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i do wonder how to get the guard dragon in the art gallery in A predator’s Beginnings. Some way to get him into a secluded area of the museum maybe? The walkthrough on the page doesn’t mention how to get the optional NPCs

It would be cool to try these out if the text adventures site didn’t freeze up every five minutes. I don’t see any option to download the game itself, having to retrace my progress kinda sucks.

Nevermind I just found the download, I could have looked a bit more haha.

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Do the same to him as you do with the squirrel at the hotel.

They look like great games right from the start. I just wish there were images of some sort.

I’ve had this in my increasingly unwieldy archive for a while. The creator was previously known as Unex. This is the link to their Furaffinity page. I wasn’t aware they were still updating the Daily Gluttony one. Thanks for the headsup, I’ve added the file to the archive.

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