2021 Gain Jam Closed!

The grace period is up and the Jam is now officially closed! No more submissions will be accepted past this point.

Please keep in mind that any modification of your submissions after this point will result in your submission being disqualified from the Jam. If you want to make updates to your submission please do so in a way that keeps your original submission in place for judging.

Feel free to update your topics as needed though.

Also, do not forget to like any submissions you may like to win the community choice award!


Just wondering. How long do we have to like the game for the community choice award? I know the devs were swamped with work, but I feel like a lot of players have been swamped as well. There’s a lot of games I haven’t tried yet

Usually about a month. We do not tally them up until judging is complete

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Gotcha, thank you for the response!