2021 Gain Jam Theme!

Yes, it’s one of only two exceptions.

While I’m not participating in the gain jam, I am a little lost on the specifics. So would a game about a warden fattening up prisoners through his lackey’s be considered direct(Since it’s him giving the orders) or is it more like accidentally suggesting that a character gains without intentionally meaning it? I am definitely a bit lost on this XD

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to have other characters in the game but I take your point. It’s just not very clear, but maybe I’m just not reading it right.

Could be no one else is confused by the rules. Hopefully that’s the case.

Yes but depends on how it is setup. The player character is the only character that the player can be allowed direct control over, but that comes with the caveat that this exception is only allowed if there is more than one character in the game. If the player character is the only character or there is only one character no direct control is allowed.

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Sounds like a fun topic with the potential move some creators into new lines of thought. Definitely a thumbs up from me.

I’m not a game creator, but off the top of my head I can still think of an outline for a small handful of game plots that would fall into this category and would be doable within the timeframe when considering how much many managed to pull off the previous years

Welp, I wasn’t going to participate in this one, but now I feel like I should.

This is the sort of thing that I keep getting ideas for. Half of my game ideas follow this theme in some way.

So yeah, probably going to end up doing something. We’ll see.


WE-HE-HELL! This is gonna be an interesting jam! More than grape or strawberry certainly! I look forward to all the games everyone makes!


As understand it, let’s take example of manipulation thru change of enviroment:
Let’s say NPCs walk one road, that is the most efficient for them to get from A to B.
Your character will put wall in their way, so they have to take another road.
That road can lead them by bakery and some of them will stop there and eat, before they continue on their merry way.


Yep thats a good example of the theme in a nutshell

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Ohhh, interesting!
I might try to join in as an excuse to get something game related done while my main computer’s down!
Any rules against using copyright characters, e.g Pokemon?

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No but be careful with it as we do need to honor any request by the IP owner to take down the content if they deem its against their copyright

Aight, cool. Probably won’t be making anything on second thought since I don’t really have access to my models right now, nor experience in exporting animations to Unity.

Interesting, I found this topic very vague and very confusing, but what you said helped me to clarify my mind.

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Games can be make on any game engine or it has to be on a specific one?

Any engine, so long as the judges can play the final product, should be fine.

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