2021 Gain Jam Theme!

Good day everyone! I am happy to announce that this years theme is…


In this Jam the player or player character can not directly interact with or control other characters. They can only interact with them through indirect means such as manipulation of the environment or general orders as an example.

There are some exceptions to this rule though:

  1. If there is a character that represents the player they can directly control that. This exception does not apply if that is the only character in the game.
  2. Dialogue or speaking to other characters is not considered a direct action as long as it does not directly compel the character to take a certain action within the game.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how you all abuse/work your games around this theme! I wish everyone the best of luck and I look forward to seeing what you call come up with!



This will be fun to see what everyone comes up with! I’m excited!



In all seriousness. Best of luck to everyone, I can’t wait to see what everyone makes. I’m not even lightly considered an artist. I can code decently in Unity, but I’m no god tier programmer.


Everyone break a leg out there! I’m no coder, but I’ll try breaking one too, if I can


I’m trying to wrap my mind around how to use this in an RPG context.

I know it would essentially be not just going up to a character and being like “lol, get fat.” It would require persuasion and/or manipulation. However, you can’t just persuade them to become fat or explain why it’s beneficial to them.

Maybe I’m partially answering my question but you would have to do it in a way where they’re unknowingly getting fat because of you. Or maybe they know but they’re starting to enjoy it but you still need to be careful and tactful,

I’m just more confused about the meta aspects of this since most of the people playing this know what will encouraging them to get fat so in a way, it’s somewhat direct. Unless there was a system in place where maybe if you don’t please them enough, they’ll reject a suggestion? Maybe if certain conditions aren’t applied, the character you’re trying to get fat won’t be effected or eat under their free will.

Where does the line between direct and indirect get drawn?

I guess maybe I just need to do other stuff and let the theme/ideas cook in the back of my mind.


Best to let it stew for a bit in my opinion. The best I can suggest is to think about it in terms of Micro vs Macro and do not over think it too much. We try to leave wiggle room and if you do something crazy absurd with it we usually will give bonus points for that lol. After all its one thing to adapt to the theme and another to outright find a way to abuse it lol.


My strategy has mostly been to see which of my ideas could fit the theme and this year I got lucky lol


So i got some ideas for you guys since i got only my imagination as a skill…
I heard that before certain surgeries you need to, or beneficial to gain weight. Im not sure if its true or false but it can be a good plot. It can be a reason for gaining.
The character could be a skinny girl so she needs to take gaining shakes or pills or something like that and after she reached her goal weight you can use the leftover pills to put it in her food, secretly fattening her more and more… :ok_hand:

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Is there a place where we can talk about our concept game with the moderation to know if the idea work in the theme of the game jame ?

I ask cause the theme is not super clear and I don’t want to start working during multiple day on a idea that gonna be refused ^^;

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Clearly, the solution is for the main character to tear out their Soul, preventing you from controlling them, then eat an entire cinnamon-butterscotch pie by themselves. (Spoilers for Deltarune Chapter 2.)


I asked one of the mods via private message, maybe see if someone is willing to take one here or in the Discord?

Hey I just noticed a loophole that violates the spirit of the rules. Technically the rules state your player character or player can not directly influence others but it says nothing about influencing yourself.

There should probably be a stipulation in the rules stating you can’t just have a game where the main character feeds themselves.

everybody get up
it’s time to slam now
we got a real jam goin down
welcome to the gain jam


Actually that is fine as they could do that to try to influence the world around them. In the end its going to depend on implementation.

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For sure. I’m thinking wacky timeline shenanigans for my entry :stuck_out_tongue:


So if a game has a player character eating and gaining that doesn’t violate the rule even if it’s the player making that choice?

They did say the player cannot be the only character in the game, though.

I don’t see that listed in the official rules, did they say that somewhere else?

I’m not making a game I just figured it was worth pointing this out for the sake of others.