2023 January Income Statement & 2022 Fiscal Year

Good day everyone! Its been a bit since I was able to do one of these, mainly due to the fact I have been really busy working on the main site, and our excel sheet that we have been using to keep track of everything was, frankly, getting out of hand.

This leads me to my first announcement and that is to help with keeping track of our finances we have moved to quickbooks. So far this has been proving to be extremely helpful, helping me to automate some of our book keeping as well as keeping our entries more accurate.

This also means that the reports we share with you will look different then our usual ones since we will be using their reports to share it with you.

January 2023

For January we have been mainly continuing the same track as most of last year. While we lost a few Patreons, we also got a few keeping the income from Patreon stable and our Ad rev is still holding at about $150-$200. This is outpaced by our expenses though with the infra to run the site running us about $800 a month now.

Fiscal Year 2022

All in all this year we are looking at about a $3000 loss.

A majority of this is due to a steep increase in our operating costs starting in May when we switched over to our K8 cluster. The steady increase though is mainly bandwidth and CDN costs due to the increasing traffic we are seeing.

We expect to continue to see these costs to rise as we bring more of the infrastructure needed for the main site online, and expect the average operating costs to be between $1200-$1500 a month by the end of this year.

Along with that we have seen a fairly consistent fall in our income from Patreon over the year which also contributed to the loss this year.

Final Thoughts

All in all last year gave us some good data for estimating. The costs for the K8 cluster are about what we expected though it did surprise us how much the CDN and bandwidth was costing us in general. I guess this is just the cost of growing as much as we are lol.

We are evaluating a few options to help us reign in these costs a bit since its only going to get worse with what we need to bring online for the main site. We will also being updating our Patreon to reflect the new operating costs of the site.

Outside of that we are going to try to go back to doing these on a more frequent basis again (since quickbooks is helping me with it), and expect us to shill our Patreon a bit more.

I know this may have been a bit sparse and disjointed, but I hope to share more details in our state of the site post once I get to it. And if you feel so inclined to help us cover the costs of running the site, you can find our Patreon below!


2022IncomeExpenses.pdf (31.0 KB)
2022IncomeExpensesbyMonth.pdf (35.9 KB)
IncomeExpenses-January2023.pdf (30.0 KB)


How about adding more aggressive advertisements to the site? I personally wouldn’t mind to get more adds on site.


Unfortunately, the issue with our ad rev atm is more the quality of the ads instead of quantity. If we where getting the same for each ad we where getting when we first started we should be making around $700-$1000 a month, but its instead decreased so only around $150 a month even as the site grew. Our assumption is this is mainly due to the NSFW content of the site limiting the ads that can be shown. Even if we allowed ads to be advertised more aggressively I can not say how much it may actually help.

Selling advertising space more directly (like you see with FA) we feel is the better option since its more cost effective but we do not have a good system for doing that setup as of yet.

We are evaluating a few options in that area though, I just cant say if any would be effective.

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