30 Character Motivations for Gaining Weight (ideas for writers)

  1. They have a WG fetish they want to satisfy
  2. They want to satisfy another’s WG fetish (probably a partner’s)
  3. They are a method actor/actress who wants the role of a fat character
  4. They are gaining weight out of sympathy for a partner/friend/peer who is being humiliated for their weight
  5. They want to gain weight for a sport (wrestling, sumo wrestling, competitive eating, etc.)
  6. They are a social activist who wants to challenge beauty standards by gaining weight in protest
  7. They have an eating disorder and want to overcome their fear of gaining weight by embracing it
  8. They want to gain weight, hoping it goes to their boobs/butt rather than belly
  9. They want to gain weight to win a bet (or because they lost a bet)
  10. They gain weight as a form of revenge against their cheating partner
  11. They want to honor a legacy (by gaining weight like their ancestors/idols)
  12. They want to be able to fit into an article of clothing that only comes in a size large
  13. They want to assert dominance/intimidate others with their size
  14. They don’t actively want to gain weight, but accept it as a consequence (from poor diet and lack of exercise)
  15. They want to become a belly dancer, and as such, need a belly
  16. They gain weight out of spite (like rebelling against strict parents)
  17. They were once sexually harassed and so deliberately try to look unattractive to others by gaining weight
  18. They gain weight as part of a religious ritual
  19. They live in a society where being fat is considered attractive or an indication of wealth
  20. They are an entertainer who uses their fatness as a part of their act (think Chris Farley or those people who play their belly like a drum)
  21. They stress eat to relieve their anxiety
  22. They are forced to gain weight by a captor
  23. They are made to gain weight as a form of punishment
  24. They are possessed by a demon/spirit that uses their body to eat excessive amounts of food
  25. They are mind-controlled/hypnotized to want to gain weight
  26. They live in a society where one is expected to gain weight after entering a relationship so they won’t be desired by other potential partners (like what the Amish do by pulling teeth)
  27. They are completely oblivious to the fact they’re gaining weight
  28. They’re in denial over gaining weight
  29. They experienced a break up and fell into a depression, leading to weight gain
  30. They are a former athlete that got injured and gained weight due to the inactivity

More to come soon…


Here are some more reasons why your character may be gaining weight:

  1. They are going through an initiation into a club that requires its members to be a certain weight
  2. They are trying to attract someone who is into heavier people
  3. They are trying to avoid being drafted into the military
  4. They are trying to break a world record
  5. They are stranded in a cold environment and need to bulk up to keep warm for survival
  6. They are a sleep-eater who raids the fridge every night in their sleep
  7. They just want to try something new
  8. They gain weight as the result of an experiment or study which they are a participant in
  9. They are trying to hide from someone and need to put on weight as a disguise
  10. They are a yo-yo gainer who gains weight with the intention of losing it and then gaining it back in a cycle