300 Pounds Beauty Run (Another wg runner) (Nevermind, Game updated into garbage)

Nevermind, Game updated into garbage.

Game was published 14/01/2022.
This is a runner with nearly-anime style, works quite stable. The only bug that I saw is sometimes a player falls through the floor.
Collectable items: Carrot (makes you slimmer), Burgir (makes you fatter), Lipstick (makes you stylisher?), keys (do nothing).
An indicator of how well you did is amount if lipstick. After collecting some of lipsticks player improves style level. There is 7 style levels. To get best result you must get at least 6th one. Every s-levet has 3 skins. You mast get skins by playing the game or watch 5 ads for each skin.

On weight depends most of obstacles:

  • For thin: jumping between cliffs (max ~65kg), walking on glass (~80 kg), walking on pole (~75).
  • For fat: pushing blocks (from 10 to 90 kg), jumping on trampolines, running over exhibitionists with ads.

If you turn off an internet you’ll lose nothing.

Play Market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reddotme.pounds.beauty.run
For IOS: not found.

The game has a harsh rating, but all rewievs have no justified criticism.

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they really just keep making the same game huh